Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hectic Busy Day

I walked over to the new adjustor's damncube to drop off some files, and guess what? She was playing solitaire on her PC! The nerve!
So I went back to my damncube and surfed the net for a while. Played with the stamp pad until I got red ink all over my hands. It looked like I had the Mother of all Papercuts. I should have walked over to the shredder and started screaming, but I didn't.
Grabbed a box of paperclips from the supply room, now I wish I hadn't. It was a real let-down. I take very little on blind faith, but I never thought to question the veracity of paperclip manufacturers. Now I do.
There's only 98 clips in this box! It says 100. I will write them a letter .

When I find time.


Chip Daily said...

hmm...a nihilist's blog, eh? seems like an utter absence of purpose. but that's the point, i guess, isn't it?

Allan said...

There is no point.

tif said...

the point is: those fucking paperclip manufacturers are ripping off millions of people everyday and its wrong. just wrong.