Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This Is Not A Photograph

I can't watch videos on my PC at work. I'm not even sure if I can post them. Above, you will either see a blank white square (this is what vidblogs look like to me) or a short video shot by my assistant engineer (the redoubtable Galaxy Girl) during a recent radio session with New Orleans' Zydepunks, a great band of fun folks- they are in the CMJ Top Ten for World Music, so give it up for them!
If it's a blank square and you are curious, try here.

I haven't posted a playlist in some time, but I'm still doing radio. Lots of radio. This is last week's show:


Mothers of Invention- Concentration Moon
In 1968, Frank Zappa was afraid that the Gubbermint might round up the longhairs and anti-war phreaks and throw them in prison camps for no real reason. As if that could ever happen.

Isaac "Chef" Hayes - No Substitute
Chef is dead and now so is Isaac Hayes.

Daniela Cotton- Make You Move
Little black girl with a loud guitar...the actual title is "Make U Move" but I hate "textspeak"...if you can play an open 'F' chord on guitar, you should be able to spell "you"...this track rocks anyway.

Funkadelic- Better By The Pound
"A tidal wave of mysticism sweeping through the New Age Generation"

Joe Strummer & Mescaleros- Coma Girl
One night long ago, I tried to convince my then- girlfriend that she shouldn't go to sleep in the middle of a city street. I lost that argument. She's famous now...and I'm a file clerk. Who got the last laugh?

Richard Thompson- Two Left Feet
Crack the Sky- White Music
White people can't dance.

Alex Chilton- Bangkok
From 1978. Before Big Star.

Curtis Mayfield- If There's Hell Below
We are all gonna go...edited by yours truly for radio play

The Who- Naked Eye
It don't really happen that way at all...

Rod Stewart- True Blue
Joe Cocker- The Letter

King Crimson- Cat Food
King Crimson- 21st Century Schizoid Man
Wash your laundry every day!

Gang of Four- Damaged Goods
Lusty old punk. That's me!

Pretty Things- She's A Lover
Nine days until I see Whim again. This song is for her.

Magazine- A Song From Under The Floorboards
Morrisey did a cover of this. I didn't like it. This is the original.

John Cale - Mercenaries (Ready For War)
Recorded live at CBGB's in NYC, 1979. Nowadays, we call mercenaries "contractors" and we use them to fight America's wars, of which there will be no shortage in the future regardless of who gets placed on the throne.

Firewater- Paint it Black
Wow...all that ranting about war sorta bummed me out. Time for a cheerful song.

Rare Earth- Eleanor Rigby
Still feelin' the cheer...

Damien Dempsey- Industrial School
Damo is one of my newest all-time faves. Some of the other DJs have picked him up and one of my callers just bought the CD! Spread the word!

Robbie Robertson- Sweet Fire of Love
Former Band guitarist jamming with U2 back in 1987.

Randy Newman- Dixie Flyer
Back in the Good Old Boy Days it sure was tough being a Jew in the Deep South. Other minorities suffered as well.

Butthole Surfers- Strawberry
There's this scene in this movie, see...and this babe puts a strawberry in her mouth and there's this look of utter ecstasy on her face...well...anyway, I liked it. A lot.

Replacements- Waitress in the Sky
Sang to the tune of 'Spirit in the Sky'. Leave a tip or die!

Arlo Guthrie- City of New Orleans
Yes, I do play some nice songs...happy now?


barb said...

From uneducated schools
Pimping people is the rule
Polluted water in the pool...

i know i'm gonna go. see you there?

yellowdog granny said...

oh shit!..I should have listened to you instead of watching olypics...great great music...

billy pilgrim said...

i don't know how the zydepunks slipped under my radar.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it works. Looks like fun.

Enemy of the Republic said...

It amazes me how much we share musically. I heard John Cale sing that song at the Park West in Chicago. I've never been a big Replacements fan, but I loved the second solo effort by Joe Strummer and Gang of Four kicks ass. Hey, I found a video of Martha and the Muffins--Echo Beach.

McRaven said...

Damn when I read your playlist it pisses me off all the music files I lost when Bruce downloaded that nast virus, I want to shoot him again! Thousands of songs gone.

I'm starting to rebuild my files and this time I'm putting them on an external flash drive.

angel said...

i do love your playlists!
and i'm sorry all the bands in your studio can't be like this one.