Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cop-Out Post

The last few weeks worth of playlists:


Savoy Brown- Take It Easy- Looking In- (Parrot)
The Stranglers- Nice and Sleazy- Black and White (A&M)
Rod Stewart- Angel- Never A Dull Moment (Mercury)
Bob Dylan- Gotta Travel On- Self Portrait (Columbia)
Ray Manzarek- Whirling Dervish- TWTSWRRANIOUC- (Mercury)
Gong- A Sprinkling Of Clouds- You- (Virgin)
Talking Heads- Drugs- Fear of Music- (Sire)

Captain Beefheart- Happy Love Song- Unconditionally Guaranteed- (Mercury)
X- I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts- More Fun In The New World- (Elektra)
Bob Dylan & The Band- Long-Distance Operator- Basement Tapes- (Columbia)
Funkadelic- Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts- Standing On The Verge of Getting It On- (Westbound)

Grace Slick- Across The Board-Baron Von Tollbooth and The Chrome Nun (Grunt)
Goldfrapp- Strict Machine- Inbox- (...)
Cursive- I Couldn't Love You - Mama, I'm Swollen-(Saddlecreek)
BeBop Deluxe- Love With The Madman- Futurama- (Capitol)
Patti Smith- Dancing Barefoot- Wave- (Arista)

Pretty Things- Goodbye, Goodbye/Goin' Downhill- Rage Before Beauty- (Snapper)
Cary Grace- Firefly- Mendip Rock -(Door13)
Subrosa- Curtain Liner- EP- (Door 13)
HuDost-Trespasser- Trapeze- (HuDost)
Big Linda- Glass Onion- Mojo Sampler
Robyn Hitchcock- Superman- Queen Elvis- (A&M)
Here and Now- Acid Arcade/Russian Roulette- (Really old cassette)


Klark Kent- Don't Care- KK- (IRS)
Oingo Boingo- Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me- Good For Your Soul-(A&M)
Clarence Fountain and Five Blind Boys- Lift Me Up- Gospel at Colonus-(Warner)
New York Gong-Jungle Window-About Time (Charly Records)
Joe Jackson-Survival-Big World (A&M)
Sugarcubes-Sick for Toys-Life's Too Good (Elektra)
Opal-She's A Diamond-Happy Nightmare Baby (SST)

MX-80 Sound-Follow That Car-Out of the Tunnel (Ralph Records)
Sonic Youth-Hot Wire My Heart-Sister (SST)
Danielle Dax-White Knuckle Ride-Dark Adapted Eye (Sire)

Magazine-About the Weather (Virgin)
Lou Reed- Don't Talk To Me About Work -Legendary Hearts(RCA)
Richard Thompson- Bone Through Her Nose- Daring Adventures- (Polygram)
Pixies- Subbacultcha-Trompe Le Monde- (Elektra)
Tom Verlaine- Days On The Mountain- Words From The Front-(Warner)

Pretty Things- No Future- Cross Talk- (Warner)
The Stranglers- In Celebration of The European Female- Feline (Epic)
Crack the Sky- Big Money- From The Greenhouse-(Grudge)
X- Soul Kitchen- Los Angeles- (Slash)
King Crimson- Matte Kudasai- Discipline- (EG)
Robert Fripp- Water Music/Here Comes The Flood (EG)
Robyn Hitchcock- The Rain- Groovy Decay-(Albion)
Tupelo Chain Sex- The Revolution Will Be Televised- (Selma)
Troublefunk- People All Over The World- (Island)
XTC- Melt The Guns- English Settlement- (Geffen)
Snakefinger- Golden Goat- Live in Chicago- (Tec Tone)
Frank Zappa- G-Spot Tornado- Here It Is - (TDK)
Gary Numan- Conversation- Pleasure Principle- (Atco)


Super Furry Animals- The Best Of Neil Diamond- DDLL- (Rough Trade)
Hawkwind- Spirit of the Age- Take Me To Your Leader- (Atomhenge)
Genesis- I Know What I Like- Selling England By The Pound- (Atlantic)
Grandaddy- Broken Household Appliance Forest -Sophtware Slump (V2 Records)
BeBop Deluxe- Superenigmatix(Lethal Appliances For The Home With Everything)/Japan - (Harvest)

Chris Huff- Then We're Dead- Death and Texas- (Huffmusic)
Cafe Bar 401- I Need To Know- Cafe Bar 401 (EPK)
The Duhks- Mighty Storm- Fast Paced World (Sugar Hill)
Firewater- Anything at All- Man On The Burning Trapeze
Santana- I Hope You're Feeling Better- Best- (Columbia)
Danny Elfman- The Little Things- Soundtrack to some movie that I never saw and probably wasn't as good as this song anyway.
Jenn Cleary Band- Attitude Behind Shades - (EPK)
Eleni Mandell- Pirate Song- Snakebite- (Space Baby)
Dare Dukes- Kick and Holler- Prettiest Transmitter of All- (Starland)

David Gilmour- Take a Breath- On An Island-(Columbia)
Omar Alexander- Breath- Soulare (EPK)
Sleater- Kinney- God is A Number -The Hot Rock (KRS)
Band du Soliel- Woman on the Floor- Mountain Stage 8 (Blue Plate)
Dixie Dregs- Ice Cakes- What If- (Capricorn)
Chrissy Coughlin- Big Log- Chrissy Coughlin (EPK)
Cary Grace- The Scarab- Perpetual Motion-( Door 13)
Carrie Rodriguez-Grace- She Ain't Me (Blu Hammock)

Can- Mushroom- 25 Years (Mute)
Damien Dempsey- Negative Vibes -Shots- (UFO)
Cait Dail- Squeeze Your Play- Cait Dail (EPK)


secret agent woman said...

Okay, Allan - there is a karmic lesson here - you do a cop-out post ad you get spammed! :)

Hope you are staying warm.

secret agent woman said...

Oh sure, delete the spam and make me look psychotic!

Allan said...

Haha! I I think all us bloggers know about the spams by now...I usually try to delete them but sometimes they come in on old posts. Whee!

angel said...

Shocking cop-out! Nice list, shocking cop-out.

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