Thursday, May 27, 2004

I am in Love With a Dead Anarchist

I'm quite the expert in unattainable and unrequited love, but this obsession is bad, even by my standards. I've got her portrait hanging in my cube-I don't have any photos of family or friends-just hers (and a detailed map showing exactly where all of Chicago's 598 homicides took place last year. Later for that...)

A brilliant writer,a gifted poet, a socially and politically active progressive intellectual and beautiful. Amazingly, she wasn't a lesbian.
Click on the link (title) and see for yourself. You'll love her too,I know you will.
A great poem she wrote


Shyve said...

Pardon my naivete.. but who was she? That poem gave goose bumps (always a good sign).

nick said...

...and I am in love with a dead actress. That is a terribly good poem.

Allan said...

Click the title-it's a link to a very good site. I am so inept at HTML that i just make the links color:red. Or just google Crispin Sartwell. His book ,"Extreme Virtue" was my introduction to her.Buy it. I always had mixed feelings about Emma Goldman, but Voltairine...will there ever be another? Spread the word. Read her essays, pay special attention to her references to Jefferson ,Madison and Adams.
And her predictions- based on Jefferson's writings- are now becoming reality-"the world as we found it", according to the almost incomprehensible rhetoric coming from our sad failure in the White House.
She made a horribly wrong statement regarding the Haymarket bombings, but was strong and reflective enough to learn from,and apologize for her mistake.
I wish she was writing this blog instead of me.
Everything I post pales in comparision to what I've read by her.
I love her with a passion . Not in the sense that you may think, but it IS a major crush. She was a Century and a Quarter ahead of us as a nation. She still is.

Uyanga said...

Really beautiful, angry poem it is...