Sunday, June 27, 2004

Countdown to Handover

What the hell kind of non-sequitur is this? Countdown from what? Handover to whom?

Let me bang the goddamn drum loudly in case you haven't been awake for the last few years. If you don't want my opinion- which I can defend with facts- don't read this.
Come back when I'm in a better mood. Or stay away.If you don't care about anything you will reap the rewards of your apathetic shallowness.
Don't ask me for help when the men behind the curtain turn out to be eating bananas,masturbating in public and grooming each other for parasites.

Do you truly believe that Bush is a President, much less a good one? If so, you are either too young to remember history, politics and just how bad the 'Nam was - or- you don't care because it doesn't affect you. See above. See below. See, speak, and hear no Evil. Blind, dumb, deaf and amoral.

Good for you. I envy you your youthful vigor and happiness.

I'm too old to be drafted. I bet you're not. So go ahead and sign up. See the damn world through the window of a soft-skinned Humvee. Dig a foxhole in a field polluted by depleted uranium shells. Rest your reproductive organs on radioactive debris. It's easy.

You don't have to do anything to get from where you are now to where I just described.That's the idea. Just sit on yer ass watching "Service Island" and wait for your call to duty.

You'll learn how to clear the sand from an M-16 rifle.
You can't go to Canada. The National Guard is deployed overseas. Are your parents millionaires?

Vote for Bush. Get drafted. Watch other people's kids get drafted.
Who needs football/soccer riots?
War is the world's #1 spectator sport.
Sports already have a draft system in place.

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Uyanga said...

Yay, the handover took place two days early. Yay, Paul Bremer is safe from harm. Yay. Hey, do you think the World Series and the election and -- good god, maybe even the Superbowl -- could be handled this way, too, to foil the evildoers? In fact, are you sure the Superbowl isn't TODAY?