Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I knew This Would Happen

The company just asked me if I would mind working for "a couple more weeks". Sure, what the hell-I need new brakes anyway. Despite the fact that I sit in my cube fucking off all day, have a habit of coming in late and hung-over and leaving for three hour lunch breaks, I somehow have a reputation for doing excellent work. Go figure.
I'm moving to another office on the other side of town, so at least it'll be a change.

Positives: A)Since they're cutting my hours back to a mere 40 per week; I asked for , and got, a raise. Three dollars an hour raise! B)I can get my car in top-travel shape.
C)There's a woman over there who flirts with me every time I go there. I'm sure this is a lost cause but at least I'll have someone to talk to.

Negatives: A)I'm still here in Fallentown. B)I'm not somewhere else C)I'm still here.

I've had this temp job longer than quite a few "real" jobs. I have a history of just walking off the job- this looks bad on my resume. My last "real job" I threw a Timberland boot at my boss in a store-full of witnesses. I'd have punched him, but my arm was in a sling.
So this isn't so bad.I'm out by August though- I must get some summer travel or I shall implode and collapse inward like a dying sun. I hate it when that happens.


Uyanga said...

My boots are Wolverines, but I don't think I'll throw one at Mike when I leave. It'll be winter and I want to keep them....

Allan said...

It wasn't my boot.