Saturday, June 05, 2004

Proof of Puppetry

Just watched the Bush/Chiraq speech. Bush was obviously wasted on one or more substances- I suspect cocaine and alcohol, perhaps with some Xanax to
'take the edge off'. I have a good eye for these things.
He lip-syncs his speeches! A CNN A/V tech seems to have patched his earphone teleprompter's audio feed into the main broadcast output. You heard him speak ,with mouth shut-about 500 ms later you saw him speak and heard him speak the same lines.
Proof of Puppetry!
You can buy an AK-47, but not a functional sword.
You can spend 25 years in prison for less than a joint of weed, but you can steal billions of dollars (Enron) and get a wet-noodle lashing.
Speaking of wet noodles, there's a huge market for drugs that "cure" impotence, but we still haven't cured AIDS or cancer.
Just thinking about AIDS and cancer makes me flaccid.
But that's the plan, isn't it?


Allan said...

I think they killed Reagan in order to cover this up.

Lyzard said...

A friend of mine heard from a BBC reporter that Reagan was dead much earlier than they announced it but that it was being hushed until the end of the D-Day celebrations. The same source says that Tony Blair will be stepping down within the next month claiming "political reasons" but that it has to do with his 15 yr old daughter attempting suicide. We shall see I suppose.

Allan said...

Sure do wish she'd attempted patricide instead-and succeeded.