Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Small Victory, Mid-Sized Defeat

My Big Boss was here this morning. He asked me how everything was going.

"Well,Boss, I'm a BIT uncomfortable just sitting here doing absolutely nothing 95% of the time and very little the other 5%."
"Don't worry about it. If you weren't here I'd have to drive down here a couple times a week. Nobody wants that. Read a book or surf the web-I don't care. If anyone gives you a hard time, tell them to call me."

Well, okay then. I can do that.

I'm going to be woefully out of work-habits if I get another job where I have actual work to do. So be it. This forty hour week is like a vacation after the sixty and seventy hour weeks in the months following the Hurricane.

That reminds me. It's Hurricane season soon. I may have this job forever. The pay is good and they don't require urine-testing, so all in all it's not so bad.
Plus he said if I wanted to take a few days off, that can be worked out. Not long enough for a Chicago trip, but long enough to flee to the mountains or visit a closer city. Anywhere I can drive or take the rail to. Everytime I fly I get pulled aside and thoroughly searched and interrogated, so I just don't fly anymore.

I've got a pen pal in Australia who wants me to come visit, but I'd have to make a Kon-Tiki out of milk jugs and old canvas tents just to get there. Maybe one day...

Maybe Baltimore. Baltimore is the kind of city that just screams "Lost Weekend"! I have Alcoholic Diplomatic Immunity in Baltimore, but then again ,so does half the city.

On the down side I got the dreaded "that was great, thank you, but I can't see you anymore" call late last night. I think my new friend has that unique female ESP that warns them -"Call this guy now, because you know he's sitting alone having an internal debate on whether to call you or not. Eventually, he will and you'll both be embarrassed". I was going to call her today. She could tell I was. How do they know these things?

I understand her reasons, which is pretty unusual for me. Actually I really don't, but I said I did, because it's easier that way. I suspect she's not quite as estranged from her husband as I was lead to believe.

I don't want to get in the middle of a mess like that. Not after last time.

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