Thursday, June 17, 2004

Some Good News

I've been working the same temp job for nine months-but it's almost over.I have mixed feelings about that (I have mixed feelings about almost everything actually), but I got some good news from the temp agency today. They said they have offices all over the world (it's a Swiss-owned company) and with my 'sterling' (Boss Lady actually used that term)work record they can find a position for me almost anywhere. Anywhere includes Chicago-Hot Damn! I have got to get out of this lame-ass red-neck Confederate Fallentown before I go absolutely yahoo apeshit bonkers.
Travel is like a soothing balm for soulful application purposes. Unless John is tagging along(see earlier post).

Anyone want to borrow my cats for a few months?


Lyzard said...


Chicago is calling you! Um, I'd love to catsit but I don't think more than 2 people and 2 cats can fit in this studio apartment in NY.

And to ensure you understand my level of excitement - WOOHOO!

Allan said...

WooHoo to you too! I may take my eldest cat (Wilkins) along. She's good in the car, just sits in the back and sleeps.

Lyzard said...

Good to know Wilkins is much better behaved than John.