Wednesday, July 21, 2004

End Times Tidbits

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I generally consider the topic anal lube , er, personal lubricant , to be a real conversation-stopper on a first date.

The marketing geniuses at K-Y  aren't so prudish. August  7th ,2004 is National K-Y Date Night.
Say there's that special someone you haven't quite found the nerve to approach- now you have a way to "break the ice." Just find a casual way to work sex grease into the conversation, and mention  that the 7th is K-Y Jelly Night.  Mention  that you just got a free sample of their new 'warming lotion'.

Anyone who will go out with you after this spiel is a 'keeper'.


  I am heart-broken.  Stephen Hawking was wrong about black hole theory.  He admitted he was wrong, which makes him more of a man than almost any politician ,ever.


Here on Earth things haven't gotten any better.

Proving that they are truly the party of "values and optimism" GOP apologist Byron York points out the positive elements of torture.  I suspect he was Torquemada  in a former life.

How will he feel when the American media finally admits that the prisoner abuse scandals include sodomizing and torturing children?


Don't even bother mentioning Africa. No one else does. Almost no one.


While we're ignoring  things , let' s make sure we pay no attention to this potential  war. This situation could get very bad, very fast.

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