Monday, July 12, 2004

For One Second

I go one weekend without paying attention to your evil machinations and what do you do? You fuck everything up!
For one second I can't turn my back!

What do you mean cancel the election ??
We didn't cancel the presidential election during the Civil War. In fact,Lincoln observed with eerie prescience, that if the Nation were unable to hold the election as mandated, then the very idea of America would be lost and the country would be undone.
What sort of attack could be worse than the Civil War?
In the event of an attack can we expect martial law? I'd like to think that Americans of any party would go berserk and riot in the streets if Big Brother told them they couldn't vote. Run amok until we are free!
I'd like to think that, but I doubt if it's true. Lazy bastards.

And are you trotting out that tired old Federal Marriage Amendment? What the hell is the matter with you? I'd welcome a rational argument why this is necessary, but there isn't one. This is our Constitution , not a goddamn toy for you to tinker with for political kicks!
Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Tartarus) thinks marriage, and hence,the nation will be reduced to lavender rubble if we don't act now! It's like a pre-emptive strike against Q-WMD. In most of the country gays can't marry legally. So let's pass an Amendment making sure it stays that way? This from the brain-trust that brought us Iraq.

This explains
his position- don't click the link that says "pornography"-you'll be disappointed. I was.
This attack on a potential future civil right is the second most un-American thing I've heard since Abu-Ghraib.

How dare you. You have no shame, you have no honor and you damn sure don't care about the land of the free and the home of the brave, you chicken-shit, war-profiteer traitors.

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