Saturday, July 03, 2004

Infernal Anti-Quiz

I enjoy a silly web-quiz , but there's too damn many of them.
I offer an option.
I'll ask you no questions, but I'll allow you to lie.
Give me a name of a well-known dead person and I'll specify which circle of Dante's Inferno they have been consigned to. I will give you the gory details regarding their particular damnation.
Only one damnation per cursed soul, and only one cursed soul per reader.

What? You expected Purgatory?


Uyanga said...

Ronald Reagan, naturally.

Allan said...

Circle 7. All the war-mongerers , murderers and bad neighbors boiling in blood. Get out and get shot by a demonic centaur with an AK-47 that you gave him.
No chance for a soundbite while your mouth fills with the blood spilt on your behalf.
A crowd of devils salute you.

As above, so below.

Lyzard said...

Janis Joplin

Allan said...

Waiting at the the gate. She was always waiting at the gate. Can't you hear her?
The essence of virtue without salvation. She was consumed by melancholy and addiction, but she suffered enough while alive.
She waits at gates and sings sad songs.
Sad songs that keep the demons off the porch.
One day I'll play guitar for her.