Sunday, July 25, 2004

It's Never Over

Project Blog  is done, and it was  fun being there.   ( Hi , you)  But don't let it end.

If you haven't noticed the world is a mess, you are either asleep or unaware. Don't say it's not your problem, because it is your problem.  What, you live on some other planet?

You don't need to spend money, stay up all night or preach from a soapbox-just be a little nicer to everyone. Manners matter, so be polite and show some respect. It'll make the world a little better, and it may keep you out of prison.

I live two blocks from a clinic- the kind of clinic that attracts protesters and Christian bombers. When I'm in a bad mood, I usually put ketchup in an empty mustard bottle and spew condiment on the zealots.  They just sorta stand there, like the idea of red goo from a yellow bottle is incomprehensible.

I didn't do that today. I asked every angry white  protester if they needed someone to make a food and water run. I got enough money to buy a six-pack and two cans of cat-food. Now I'm drinking with two fat  sleeping cats. 

I'd be a great philanthropist if I didn't hate people.

1 comment:

Lyzard said...

Funny, I kinda thought you would be a great misanthrope if you didn't have such a big heart.