Thursday, July 22, 2004

Nicaraguans don't know Kerry

(AP) Puerto Cabreza-

 Pipo Esteves , a 20- year -old orphan who can't feed her newborn infant  looks puzzled. She doesn't know who John Kerry is. 

 Despite the tropical heat and the green trees, Pablo Gorgo, teen-age gangster look-out,  agrees, " I don't know who the fuck he is. "

 Throughout the hills and valleys of this once violence-ridden land, peasants and beggars all echo the same feeling. 
"We don't know Juan Carey. Is he Reagan?", says a crippled village elder in broken English.  " I flat-out refuse to vote for Juan Carey", he says, rubbing his stumps together, "Reagan is our hero ."  His captors nod assent.

 Narcotics trafficker  and part-time human slaver Jorge Negron concurs. "The whole Iran/Contra/ CIA/Cocaine for arms investigation was largely based on investigations led by Senator Kerry. That proves he hates (criminal drug-trafficking warlord murderers in Central)

 Paulo, a displaced coca farmer with nothing left to lose offers dissent. "The Contras , they kill my village. They kill my children. They shot me thirteen times."
 He shows this reporter only twelve exit wounds. He's a Kerry man.

 Paulo couldn't even produce any official documentation of his self-described "slaughter of innocents", but decided to voice his support of liberal John Kerry anyway.

"If he's not Reagan , I'd vote for him", said the elderly Socialist. 

 It's hot here, but Paulo was sweating like a man who has secrets.

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