Monday, July 26, 2004

Teresa Could Whip Bob's Ass

Oh yeah! Never underestimate the recuperative powers of a good nap! I feel almost human again. I was in a good mood, but then I turned on CNN.

It seems that Mrs. Kerry and Mrs. Clinton are ruffling Bob Novak's feathers. Good. If Gollum was older , uglier and completely without redeeming virtue, he'd be Bob Novak. What a horrid, vile little man he is. I think he's afraid of strong women. Traitorous  scumbag bully.

What I want to know is: why are the only Democrats with balls  women? The buzz is to keep it polite and civil in Boston. Why?  It's  a goddamn knife-fight for our future this year, and you don't worry about keeping your elbows off the table in a knife-fight.

Re-energizing the flaccid Democratic Party is the only positive accomplishment of the Usurping Monkey -Boy's administration.  Show me the outrage, people!

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