Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Work got so busy today I decided I needed a new hobby when I got home. I set my TV remote control so I could switch instantly between All Lies News and the Disaster Network.

Omigod! Wouldja lookit that dam burst?

It's a clip of the Bush twins giggling.

Grainy black-and-white footage of a sad-looking man on the roof of a house being carried away in a flood.

Some idiot says Nader will cost Bush votes, so GOP funding of Nader's campaign is an endorsement of democratic values.

Old film of a Corvair flipping segues into a montage of exploding Ford Pintos. This is actually pretty cool. I think I saw some of this footage at a Butthole Surfers concert in 1989.

Dick Cheney uses the C-word. I say C-word because I'm incapable of saying 'courage' in the same sentence as.
Dick Cheney.

Lots of 9-11 imagery. Way too much. If I made a point of reminding my boss about the time I really fucked up , I'd be fired. Bush is calling it his platform. And the idiots swallow it all.

Maybe we do get the government we deserve. However,I don't remember burning orphanages and drowning every puppy in the world.
What'd I do to deserve John Ashcroft?


nick said...

I am keeping up with the monster headed towards Florida. Looks like fun...

Anonymous said...

hey fella--sorry to hear about your arm. tiny beth turned me on to your website and i must say i've been enjoying your blog (particularly 'click' and other insights on the boy king). good to hear from & about you...liked the head-shaved look in your last pic. dana d. (from vcu in the 80s)