Thursday, September 23, 2004

My Perfect Week

What a week! Last week I had my birthday, and when I got home I had so many friends call to invite me out that I couldn't decide which offer to accept-so how 'bout just have a big impromptu party with everyone? Whee!

It was also a good week at work. I've got a new boss, but he seems cool enough. I'm gonna miss the old boss though, he was great. Always answered any questions I had and covered my back a couple times as well.
Anyway, New Boss told me that in recognition for my one full year of excellent work as a temp, the Company has decided to hire me, complete with a re-location bonus and a signing bonus, plus full bennies! All I gotta do is move to New Orleans. I can deal with that. He was quite impressed that I've been handling every office task for two concurrent storms. He should be. I kick paperwork ass and make it look easy. I'm a regular office Olympian when I have to be.
I also had a lunch date with a very cool female co-worker- she's the only one in the office who seems to be able to tell if i'm joking, bullshitting, mocking or being aggressively honest . We had a great time-we see eye-to-eye on most, but not all, things. That's the way relationships work best. We're getting together this weekend. Yay!
I also found time to jam with a band, possibly to join. Was fun, high energy buzz jam!

What Really Happened

Got home from work and had a few messages.

Hey, this is %^*&%. Anything going on?

Call %^*&%. She's looking for pot. I mention that not only is today my birthday, it's also the first day I've gone without weed for two years.

"Well, call me if you hear anything", she says.

I change the litterbox.
Actually, I replace the litterbox itself.
The lack of stinky makes me hungry.

I bake a potato and smother it with leftover chili.
This is tasty.

Happy Birthday.

My ex- step-mother's calls. She threw me out of the house when I was 16, but we've made some reconciliatory measures over the years. Unfortunately, it's because we both have serious issues with my dad. I call her and we spend an hour re-living the nightmare that life with Dad was. Example: Step-Mom had heart attack, asked dad for ride to hospital, only a few blocks away. Dad is drunk and asks if it can't wait. Step-Mom drives herself to hospital, dad forgets to call 9-11. She has surgery and is in hospital for weeks, since they found many other bad things inside when they opened her up. Dad , of course, went on a bender and vanished. Not a single hospital visit from dad. Not one. When I went up there I found him so drunk and self-pitying that I wouldn't bring him with me to the hospital. We talked about the good old days. I have never come as close to striking a person in anger (not counted sibling bashin') as that encounter. There's only two people on the planet I know I can beat up. One is my twin bro' Bryan, and the other is my dad. My Grandma can whip my ass with one exasperated sigh. She wants me to take care of him when she dies.

When my 17-year old mother gave birth to the Twin and I, my 21-year old father went "poof" and vanished for two weeks. Years later he told me the day we were born "ruined his life."

One of the last things my Mother asked me to do before she died was tell my father that she would never forgive him for what he did to her. I told him that. He said I didn't know what I was talking about.
I do. She told me. Goddamn it, why did she have to do that?
No one else's business.

Anyway, work was great for a couple weeks-I was getting OT and actually earning it. Lots of well-publicized Bad Weather. The New Boss told me I no longer have OT eligibility- I must limit myself to 40 hours. Not only is this a huge pay cut, but it also means I'm always behind at work. I fucking hate knowing I've got a pile of repetitive paperchore leftovers waiting to brighten my otherwise dull and uninspiring workday.

Or should I say, disappointing, but not a total loss?

My lunch date is married. It's not an affair thing at all, but it was refreshing to have a conversation with an intelligent peer. We talked about our favorite conspiracy theories. Having a friend to share crazytalk with is cool. It really is.

Another phone call,"come get your bass amp before we throw it away"! I thought you needed it for practice. I don't have time or desire to play bass for your band, but I said you can use my amp. Now, months later, it's a problem? .

What a great week.

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