Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Not More

I decided to call my doctor and ask him to increase the dosage of my Xanax this morning.
Because as soon as I leave the house I'm gonna see some headlines-I'm gonna see the headline, that's why.
Fair enough, says doc. Have you thought about not leaving the house?
Yeah, I have.
I've also considered going to Kansas-maybe a tornado will take me to Oz.
If you see a strange bald man poking through your wardrobe, it's just me looking for Narnia.
I'm unarmed-just drink me under the table and toss me into the alley-I won't mind. Or toss me under the table and drink me into the alley-either way. Hmmm... the latter seems preferable.
I get some cough syrup that should help me dream of Xanadu-wish I could travel forward in time until the flu goes away.

With my luck, I'd invent a time machine that only goes back to 1984 .

1 comment:

Susannity! (Susanne) said...

talk about depressing, i've been reading about christian reconstructionists today and how one of them is the main VC behind the electronic voting machines used in florida and ohio.
read some of that shit and you'll need more than xanax...