Thursday, November 11, 2004

Stuffs and Things

I found this link on Nick's page.
For those of you fence-sitters, it'll help you decide between joining the Peace Corps or the Latin Kings.
My web-site was scored 23% evil/73% good. Seems implausible.
My resume? 55%/45%. Sounds about right.

I doubt there's a shred of scientific credibility here, but at least it was amusing.


My local ABC station decided not to play "Private Ryan" tonight. They feel that the FCC will impose fines for the violence and language. It's been shown un-cut on broadcast twice already-with FCC approval-but it would seem that the Powers That Be don't wan't anything shown that evokes the reality of war. Like the getting killed part.

Fuckers'll probably have a 'Hogan's Heroes' marathon instead.

Or 'Gomer Pyle: The Movie.' Starring Jim Carrey.



nick said...

I'm disappointed in the FCC. Ever since that stupid super-bowl thing, they seem to lack any sort of reasonable judgement. I blame Janet Jackson and her publicity stunt. What a bitch... as if her music didn't suck enough already.... mumble...

Susannity! (Susanne) said...

I'm a wee bit more evil than you with 31% evil muhahahahaha!