Saturday, January 15, 2005

Take Two

I quit drinking a week ago. I also quit taking Xanax. I had to sacrifice many hours of sleep to do so, but it's been worth it ; I'm starting to become comfortable with waking without a hangover. I'd forgotten what it feels like to look forward to the coming day. Feels good.

Didn't have any catastrophic event , just made a bet with myself . I bet I that we'd both feel better without beer and pills. Guess who won? I did.
Besides, I'm without job, which means lots of free time- why waste it nursing a hangover? Waking up sometime between lunch and dinner is not a good habit to cultivate.

This is Dry Spell #2. The first one began on Dec. 7 1998. I remember watching History Channel footage of the Japanese blowing up Pearl Harbor and thinking," my head feels just like that". The previous night, my then-favorite drinking partner/sorta girlfriend and I had polluted ourselves enough to qualify for SuperFund clean-up. All was swell until we got back to my apartment-we didn't even get to my front door until the screaming contest started. What were we arguing about? I don't know. I don't think either one of us knew what the hell we were going on about. Never will, I suppose. We made up for a few hours, but in the morning she was gone.

This was a shitty period in my life. The week before, I had received my two-weeks notice from my cool music store job and a phone call from my somewhat estranged mother. I hadn't heard from her for years, didn't even know where she was. Turns out she's in Billings, Montana. She tells me she's got terminal cancer. It was a heavy world.

Anyway, through it all, I managed to stay away from Demon Alcohol until the summer of 2000, which is when I met Demoness Alicia. She convinced me that one drink wouldn't hurt. She was wrong. But that's the past.

This time I know better. I shouldn't date drunks.

I can do this thing-the first week is the hardest, and it's over.


Canopenner said...

More power to ya!

Chaos Rabbitt said...

good luck mano. i never had a drinking problem. ill drink, but i prefer my cigs. just a personal prefrance. ya know. well drop me a line. Im out.

the hun said...

Nice, dude. Good on ya.

It's really important sometimes to just take care of your physical self. Makes you respect yourself more, right.

Susannity! (Susanne) said...

I want you to know that I am sending good thoughts your way and that I'm proud of you for trying. And also know that if it doesn't happen, that I'm still proud of you.

I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. I was wondering from an earlier post of yours. Sounds like you and my husband had similar mothers, both in life and dying.

Hang in there.

Allan said...

Thanks to you all.

Lyzard said...


Cheers to you! I hail to you from the one month no smokes mark. I know quitting smoking isn't the same as quitting drinking, but both are difficult and both are possible.

So now that you have this spare time from not working and spare money from not drinking, coming to NYC for a spell? Craig keeps talking about buying you a hero's lunch. :)

Allan said...

I could do that. Plane or train?