Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008-Late Addition

This year some of my resolutions went into effect early. It took until this year to realize that I had resolutions, but I do. They sort of created themselves. I'll write them down so I don't forget:

1) Improve mnemonic skills.
These resolutions were supposed to be in the preceding post. I think I pasted the original into a job application by mistake.

2) Don't take any pill that isn't a vitamin.
It crept up on me that I'd been leaning on certain prescriptions a bit too much during this holiday season- last week I felt awful and couldn't figure out why. My brain was so lumpy and dull that I feared I had some sort of stroke. Why was I so fuzzy-headed?
I haven't taken a pill for several days now and I feel a lot better. I don't know why I always forget the basics regarding my mental state. If I don't feel well, I have to ask myself:

-Am I high?
-When was the last time I ate? Slept?

3) Gain weight.
Like five to seven pounds. Maybe ten. I'm not much of a eater and my low-budget diet is way too healthy...I will soon need smaller clothes. I'm skinnier now than I was in the 1990's pic that was supposed to accompany these resolutions.

4) Be in a band.
I don't think my world will be right until I get back on stage and embarrass myself in public again, so I answered a 'guitarist wanted' ad on craigslist and the guys seem pretty decent. I'm going to meet them later this week. I don't have any illusions about making any money or winning any accolades, I just want to have fun and show off. And meet girls.

5) Write a good short story or maybe even a book. Nah. A story. Or a screenplay,heh.
Something I can try to sell. I haven't been crushed by the publishing world yet, so I still have dreams. I used to write comics, even sold a few scripts...then I got a 'real job' and a steady girlfriend etc ...shit happened ...I sorta forgot about writing. Today,I'm unemployed, single and have no excuse for not writing.
Last night I was trying to find an idea but was empty- today I found it. It's brilliant and scary as hell...all I have to do is write it. Duuuuude... it would make an awesome screenplay.
I guess this resolution should include: Don't fear objective criticism.

6)...I have forgotten what #6 is. I need to go back to one and start over.


yellowdog granny said...

you should write..anything ..a short story, a novel, a screenplay...what ever ..you have enormous talent and should get out there and share it...

Anonymous said...

#1 made me laugh
#2 made me pause to question the exact same things
#3 made me hate you just a little
#4 we find your utter redemption
#5 is a superfantastic idea!!!
Write bo'ay write!

(and #6 is probably because of #2)

beth said...

Happy New Year Allan!

Not sure of my resolutions yet. But, I resolve to define them no later than January 6, which is Three King's day.

BTW: My resolution last year was to renew my passport. I mailed off my renewal on 12/28. So, I kept my resolution, with 3 days to spare.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Those all sound like worthy goals. I hope you meet every one of them.

billy pilgrim said...

all journeys begin with a single step. #2 is an excellent first step.

CS said...

The current you looks so much healthier (and may I say, saner) than the old you. Good luck on your resolutions!

Sling said...

Oh,you need to write my friend.
..and keep after it till someone recognizes your talent.
Number 2 is also a winner.

Allan said...

JS- Thanks...I wiil try.

Hat- We have a lot in common. I think you are right about #2 &6.

Beth- You have some weird holidays.

BP- It was so obvious I almost missed it.

CS- It's amazing the difference twenty years makes.

Sling- #2 was sneaky.

angel said...

oh i wanna read that- i can't wait- i'll buy a copy when you finish it!!!


TidalGrrrl said...

At least these goals are pretty realistic. The mneumonic thing - great idea. I have the worst time with names, in specific! There's a coffee-gal at my knit shop that is very cool, and I called her Elaine instead of Heidi because I knew it was a name with an EI or and AI and couldn't figure out which.
Well, now she's getting the Shirley Temple in lederhosen image so I don't forget. ha!

I really didn't make any resolutions because I'm always a work in progress, and my self-esteem tells me constantly how I might improve, well, everything.

I look forward to reading that book, or screenplay, or whatever. You have a definite skill at writing. I don't like to call it talent, but you've got that too. Writing is about stubbornness more than imagination.

Lyzard said...

I'm happy to report that I resolved to help you with one of your resolutions before I even knew what your resolutions were...

Let me know when you figure out which one. :)

more cowbell said...

OK, first off, anyone who has a New Year's resolution of "gain weight" is in serious danger of being bitchslapped by yours truly. So probably better you're geographically elsewhere. -sigh-

Second, I actually found your blog through some of your story-writing. I loved it, it was very good. Write.

Allan said...

Angel- More incentive. Coolness.

TG- I hate it when I call someone by the wrong name. Stubborn? No way. Nothing is gonna make me stubborn. Nothing that I can imagine, anyway.

Liz- Hmmm...will do. smiley icon

MC- I'd snap like a twig. I'm a gossamer flower, ya know?
Really? Nice. Maybe I'll expand that- what was it?