Monday, March 31, 2008

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This is a picture of the reflection of my camera in a pane of glass. In the background is The Sort, a local band that played at the station Saturday...they played without their drummer and second guitarist, which was new for them, but they pulled it off well. Great lyrics, they made me laugh while I was mixing was fun. The songs on the website feature the entire band...Laura, the singer, is a Scrabble wiz who insists on grammatically correct lyrics- for rock music! Cool.
I wanted to take more pics, but my camera's memory was full...a sign of things to come.

When I left the station I saw a bright pink blotch on the side of my car, which was parked across the street. To my dismay, I found that someone had hurled a pink sticky mess (?) at my drivers' door. It was like liquid bubble gum, all sticky and smeary ; it took a while to clean off. My mirror is bent and screwy.

But hey, my PC works, right? Except the internet part. I couldn't connect -ERROR 678!

I needed my DNS and gateway mask #'s, whatever the hell they are- "contact ISP provider or network admin"...crap.
I had to call 24/7 tech support, wait on hold for three hours-literally- but I eventually reached a really helpful tech, he quickly gave me my #'s and a $25 credit for having to wait so long- I typed in the DNS etc and logged on. (I wrote my #'s down in case this happens again)

Then I put together a show for the morning and almost forgot to sleep...I woke up and heard the radio robot playing when there should have been a live DJ...I skipped my shower and drove down to the studio and found that DJ Gospel had forgotten his keys and was locked out...I told him I was sick of covering his ass, that he is late too often and he needed to shape up. He got kinda pissed but I honestly don't care. He's fucking up and I'm sick of it.

Anyway, I had my own show:

The New Breakfast Snob, March 30

The Beatles- Across The Universe/Norwegian Wood
Nothing's gonna change my world...nothing. Bonus song for McRaven.

Neil Young- Lotta Love
For some reason I'm playing a lot of songs about trying to work it out.

Funkadelic- Let's Make it Last

Al Stewart- On The Border
Alvin Lee- Education
I love Alvin's new CD, Sagguitarius

BB King- Nobody Here But Us Chickens
Pink Floyd- Astronomy Domine
Loreena McKinnett- Mummer's Dance

Claanad- Love and Affection
Marianne Faithfull- Ruby Tuesday
Marianne had reputation for doing Rolling Stones...and their songs

Bob Dylan - Meet Me in the Morning
Muddy Waters- Please Don't Go
The Kinks- Low Budget
Say it Again!

Bob Marley- Crazy Bald Head

Lou Reed- NY Telephone Conversation
Queen - Bicycle
Gary Numan- Are Friends Electric?
Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar
Nick Drake- Pink Moon
Faces- Around the Plynth
Muddy Waters- Hootchie Kootchie Man
Gong- Heaven's Gate
Steeleye Span- Callin-on Song/Blacksmith
Les Paul & Mary Ford- The World is Waiting
Pretty Things- October 26
Les Paul & Chet Atkins- Lazy River
Jethro Tull-Nothing Is Easy
Miles Davis & John Coltrane- Two Bass Hit

Whew! Now to go home and work on my PC.
Crap. I can't sign in. I know my password...denied. Denied. Denied.

I notice that when I tap one key, several 'bullets' appear in the field. Hmm...I take the keyboard back to the station, plug it into a PC and open Notepad. When I hit 'S', the characters 'sa/' appear...when I hit 'A', I get ' za/' and so on...fortunately there are lots of used, donated keyboards...I grab one and go home.
Log in successful!
It only took a few hours.

I visit my Aunt and Uncle on my maternal side later that day and tell my aunt of my PC woes. She tells me that they have a nice, almost new PC that isn't getting used and she'd get it cleaned up so I could have it tomorrow. It's way, way nicer than mine.

She's an IT consultant and says that it sounds like I had a Trojan eats your registry and wipes everything clean. Very nasty.
How to avoid it?
Stay disconnected from the web. Abstinence is the only safe surfing.

This will probably be my last post from this PC.

But not my last post.


citizen of the world said...

A run of bad luck there! I'm glad you have a relacement computer coming in. I don't think I could deal with the internet abstinenece - guess I'll just keep living at risk.

AC@45 said...

I hate computers some days .. eldest downloaded a trojan from a pornsite .. I worked on the computer for about 5 days to get rid of it. Found this free antivirus that pretty good, can't remember the name now but will send it to you in a few days.

great music for the show, does the station broadcast to the internet?

Auld Hat said...

Ack! That was a bastard title. Please gmail me when you have sufficient computerness.
I have an idea about sumpin. (:

Susannity said...

That was way cool of your Aunt & Uncle.

yellowdog granny said...

isn't it awful how linked we are to our computers...10 years ago we would have bet money we could give a fuck about computers and the thought that we would be lost without it would have sent us into gales of laughter...
how you get this all worked out..miss ya..
oh, up a lazy cool is that?

angel said...

oh thank goodness- you had me worried dude!!
yay for your aunt with the new machine, thats awesome!!

Allan said...

CW- I'm a lucky man alright.

AC- There are porn sites on the web?
I can't wait to start downloading!

JS- How true that is! 1998, I didn't even know what the internet was.

Hat- The cheap tricks are the ones that work the best!
Color me piqued.

Angel- See comment above! Be well, see ya soon!

Allan said...

Hat- Curious, I mean. Not vexed.