Thursday, March 27, 2008

That's All

Last night my eight-year old PC died. Total crash, I can't fix it.

No blogging.

I will have to check my email wherever I can and hope for the best.


yellowdog granny said...

ohh fuck!....find a local library...i can send you one of mine that is in the shed..they work...just need some work on them..and you should be able to do that...can send you the tower and key board...let me know..js

angel said...

aw nooo!!! hell allan, thats bloody dreadful!
keep in touch when you can...

billy pilgrim said...

i hope mine lasts 8 years.

Allan said...

I'm at a friend's house trying to revive it now.

Donn said...

I'll cross my fingers. It is a crapshoot for all of us because on any given Sunday a killer virus could sneak in the back door and shut us down...besides Blogger does a pretty good job of making it a challenge anyway.

Good Luck Dr Frankenstein!
((It's ALIVE!))

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