Saturday, April 19, 2008

WMD- The Swiss Connection

This enlightened camel racer (above, middle), realizing that using small children as camel jockeys can be bad for the kids, has purchased a robotic camel jockey from a Swiss firm for the low price of $5,500, camel not included.

Ancient tradition meets high technology and no children are enslaved in the process.

But what would happen if the 'terra-ists' were to mount RPG's , flame-throwers, machine- guns, dirty bombs or Death-Lasers on these robots?

They'd have an instant army of camel-mounted Terminator cavalry, is what.

The solution? A pre-emptive invasion of Switzerland.
It'll be a cakewalk.


yellowdog granny said...

i'd like to see a picture of the camel just stomping the crap out of that midget robot..

Sling said...

Those Swiss are definitely up to something I tell ya!
I'm bettin' those robots unfold into all manner of knives and screwdrivers and can openers and such.

whimsical brainpan said...

You just know those robots are going to rebel and try to take over the world.

citizen of the world said...

Aw, I can't elieve you're going after the Swiss! They're so law abiding. But the robot thing is pretty scary.

McRaven said...

My boobs will be done and I am having the best day! Oh yeah this isn't about me it's about robots and camels I'm with JS let the camel stomp the the screws right out of him. did I tell you my boobs are almost done? hehehe

angel said...


Auld Hat said...

HAH HAH Sling! Oy... That was delightful.

Caryn said...

I have to tell you, that thing kind of creeps me out. I'd almost like it better if they tried to make it look less human.

Allan said...

JS- Don't fuck with camels...95% of camels admit to having rabies and the other 5% lie.

Sling- Hhahahaha! You understand!

Whim- I think tyrannical killing machines would be excellent world's mostly an image problem.

Caryn- It's not as creepy as seeing a enslaved Cambodian toddler strapped to the camel, as was customary prior to 2005. It took the UAE 35+ years to pass laws
against child smuggling...our allies in the war on terra...sheesh.

MCR- Boobs? Boobs are good! Good boob news!

Angel- Are there Lawn Jockeys in SA? Get rid of 'em before it's too late.