Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Over and Out

The approaching weekend marks the end of a personal era. Sunday will be the final broadcast of The New Breakfast Snob, my Sunday morning radio program. For the last 18 months I've been getting up early on Sundays and playing my musty old vinyl records for two hours and I'm grateful for that, it's been a sort of an anchor for me during some very turbulent times.

The turbulent times are not finished but my radio program is.
Sunday is The End.

There has to be a beginning in order to have an end and, in this case, the beginning falls on Saturday. My program is moving to Saturday afternoons, 1 pm - 3pm, effective now.

I'm doing my first new show on Saturday and my last old show on Sunday.

Sunday's farewell show will feature a session with local Irish folk band, Poisoned Dwarf; we recorded it recently and I just finished editing the scattered music and spoken word elements into a cohesive whole, which was both laborious and enjoyable.

Next, I need to record a promo spot for my new show. I finally got my PC and software running again, so I can work at home- but there's a problem:I have no idea what my new show is called.
Or what I will play.

Tonight I'm auditioning for an all-girl Rock Chick Band.
I am to be the token penis.
The band, I think, doesn't really exist yet, it's only one Rock Chick. I don't even know what instrument I'm expected to play, if any. I'll have to wing it.

Improv, baby, improv.

And so it goes.


schlep said...

I'll be darned, now you're a late lunch Snob eh? Congratulations!
I will try my very hardest to wake up Sunday and hear the Dwarf toones.

Auld Hat said...

Hello? The answer lies in the question. Clearly the name of your new swanky Saturday show must be called Token Penis.
Hey There Kids, It's The Token Penis Show!
hee hee hee
Congrats on the better hours and the sleeping in on Sundays that is sure to follow (:

yellowdog granny said...

token penis show..i like it..or 'the dude and his music'...hope all goes well, if i wasn't at work i'd listen...

Donn said...

Props to the Brunch Meister! What a treat sleepin' in and playing to a new audience...hey there's a name..The Oddience Is Listening.

whimsical brainpan said...

Great new time slot! I'll tune in if I can.