Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Escape Plan

I haven't had a "fun" vacation since the summer of 2006. That changes tomorrow.
In 24 hours, I will be nudging my old Volvo onto the highway and making the first leg of a nearly 800-mile round trip that will bring me to the doorstep of a friend I know very well but have never met.
(Teaser: We both have posts scheduled to "auto-publish" tomorrow which will explain and reveal.)

I've been tinkering and fiddling with my car and it feels good when it's on the road, running smooth and quiet... it's ready for a road trip and so am I. I have arranged to leave work at noon tomorrow, I should be with my friend shortly after suppertime Thursday and I gotta say I'm excited, nervous and thrilled.

The last few days here have been hectic and hurried and I'm starting to get a little frayed around the edges so this trip comes at a perfect time- we have been planning it for just over a month and now the time is nigh, be still my heart...I have met a few of my blogpals in real-life and it's always been fun, but this time is a little different.

Who am I kidding ? This time is a lot different.

I have never done anything like this before. I have tried with other women but things just never seemed to work out...I spent last year and the first part of this year trying to deal with my grandmother's long, agonizing death- and the sudden, unexpected death of my cousin- during that time I also managed to lose my job, my insurance and my life savings, I wrecked my really has been a bleak time but I have held onto what I need to hold onto ( my sobriety and my sanity) and I'm trying to learn how to let go of things that aren't helping me...I have a lifetime habit of sabotoging my own happiness and I need to break that pattern.

I can't change this alone but that's OK because I don't have to. For the first time in years, I will stop being alone and start learning how to be with someone . It's a new world and I'm running to it, not away from it.

Wish us luck.


Auld Hat said...

I am so excited for you I might pee!

polona said...

fingers crossed!

yellowdog granny said...

I'm so excited for you I don't know if I should shit or go blind..
I want allll the details..

billy pilgrim said...

behold the turtle, he only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.

i'm putting up my umbrella. it appears one person is going to take a leak above me while another takes a shit.

yinyang said...

Hmm... tomorrow is Thursday. I know someone who posts every Thursday... and they've talked about having a visitor for the holiday weekend... and this weekend is a holiday weekend...

::gasps:: If my hunch is right, that would be really, really, really, really exciting! (Like, OMGSTFU, srsly?! Squee!!!)

I guess I should try to calm down and wait till tomorrow to see, because I could be wrong. Until then, I think I'm going to go crazy with anticipation.

angel said...

oooh... how cool is this! a road trip holiday and a blogger-meet!!
drive safely and have fun!!!