Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back Home 2

I returned from my five-day vacation at the wonderful and exclusive resort getaway, WhimWorld. No work, no hassles, just food, movies, relaxation and , of course, Whim.

I left feeling healthy, refreshed and happy, making up silly songs in my head all the way home, a feeling that lasted until I arrived here... now it's back to the headaches of technical difficulties and laborious physical paperwork- and an ongoing ozone alert that makes it kinda hard to breath.

There's much more, but I will have to catch up on my responsibilities here before I can fully return to the blogosphere...until then, here's a flower from just outside of WW.


Craig D said...

Glad to hear you had a good visit and are feeling refreshed. Just reading that sort of thing gives me a much-needed lift.

yellowdog granny said...

knew you two would have a good time..still want the 2 of you to come down for westfest..a good time was had by all...cant wait to hear all the details of your visit..

billy pilgrim said...

is whim world affiliated with wally world?

Anonymous said...

Pretty zinnia. Which I guess is symbolic. I'm glad you guys had a great visit.

angel said...

oooh... wow! i want a five day date too!!!

Allan said...

CD- Glad you got lifted!

JS- I might not post all the details.

BP- No. WW is unique unto itself.

C- WhimWorld is a beautiful place.

A- Tell Glugs!