Monday, September 08, 2008


Three years ago I was told not to expect much of a future- I was in hospital, hooked up to machines and was on a number of not-so-optimistic "watches".

-My heart was expected to stop beating. Again. Apparently, alcoholic withdrawal is hard on the old ticker.

-My liver was in danger of failing. Seems like drinking alcohol is bad for the liver. Who knew? Live and healed, perhaps with a few scars, but still working.

-One or more of my assigned counselors thought I was at risk for suicide. I had to tell a lot of lies to convince them otherwise- today those lies aren't.

So I never really expected to see the future, but here it is anyway. I haven't had a drink in a little over three years and it's about the last thing I can imagine doing. That last shot (in 2005) sure did hurt and I really hate pain.

Three years!

I'm still doing radio...I'm still blogging...I still have friends. I've lost over fifty pounds and my last check-up was pretty darn good- so what's the problem?

Financial ruin? Nah.I'm too poor to sink much lower...job crisis? Nah...I apply to dozens of jobs every week-while I'm at work. Besides, I make as much money as file clerk today as I made as a dishwasher in 1985 and I lived pretty well in 1985 (my rent was $150 a month in'85 but is $700 now, so maybe that salary doesn't go as far, but what the hey? I like an affordable diet of beans,potatoes and dust.)

Health? I've been feeling pretty good lately- except for this weekend.My stomach was killing me- I thought I was going to be very, very sick again but now I'm thinking that it was just a "flashback" to my hospital vacation of I feel crappy, but it's Monday and I usually feel like shit when I'm at work, so I'm not alarmed- five o'clock should cure my ailments...

I think I have some good news but if I tell anyone , it'll never happen- so I guess I'll just shut up and go away now.


citizen of the world said...

"Seems like drinking alcohol is bad for the liver. Who knew?" Yeah, who has ever heard of cirrhosis?

Although I can't be certian of the content of your good news, I still say Woo Hoo!

Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

You kick ass man.

Citymouse said...

Congrats!!! 3 years is a long time -- and money comes and goes. I keep praying that work (with income) will come your way!

yellowdog granny said...

wait..i'm going to run to st. mary's and light a candle and say an extra prayer for you....
proud of you my ain't easy is it?

Lyzard said...

Three years is really quite a milestone. I'm proud of you and very selfishly glad that you're still here to be my friend.

I'll send good vibes for your good news to manifest so you can talk about it.

whimsical brainpan said...

Making it out of that hospital was a huge accomplishment. Not having another drink is an evern bigger one.

I'm proud of you.

NYD said...

Hmmm, you got something good going on? Don't hex the damned thing. Keep it in your pocket and think about how good it makes you feel.

I've heard that if you mix the dust with breadcrumbs it makes apretty mean hamburger mix.

Keep on truckin' brother.