Friday, September 26, 2008

Try Something New (Maybe) Updated!

I have only smoked one tobacco cigarette in my entire life, but I think I know what smokers mean when they say: " It's easy to quit. I do it all the time."

It's a nasty habit, tobacco. So is politics.

Over the last decade or so, I have quit alcohol, cocaine, heroin and various pills and I have been quite successful- no lapses save for the odd sleeping tablet - but I can't seem to give up the politics, despite the gnawing knawledge that politics are worse for my mental health than all of the aforementioned drugs combined...I mean, I can't think of anything less conducive to sanity and serenity than sitting alone in front of a TV and yelling at people who can't hear you...if it's football, it's fun, but if it's politics, it's nuts. Pure, self-destructive insanity.

I was terribly afraid that Obama was going to accede to McPalin's pitiful and purely political request to "postpone" the debates until the villains who caused the current "financial crisis" could reach a consensus on a plan to keep stealing our money.

Obama, I thought, if there was ever a time for you to show us what makes you different-better, even- than McCain, then now is exactly the time, but I guess you'll give in to this cheap ploy because Democrats hate to win national elections.

But Obama said, correctly, that "the President needs to be able to do more than one thing at a time" and pledged to attend the debate , with or without McCain. Good for him. I want to see that debate.

So instead of quitting politics, I'm thinking of "live-blogging" it here, adding commentary and updates as it unfolds...rather than run from my fears, I will face them down with the only weapon I have- words.

If anyone else has as much ambition (read: no life) as myself, let me know and I'll give you my ultra-top secret classified contact information (or google me and find it) and I'll post your commentary into the body of my debate post, should I actually do one. Seriously, this pending S&M festival would be a lot more fun with someone else participating.
S&M is like that.

I'll quit as soon as the election is over. Promise.

UPDATE: There will be at least three different bloggers posting in real-time on this blog during the debate. It's not too late to join in!


billy pilgrim said...

i was going to cut an apple in half and watch it turn brown.

Susannity said...

Debate is back on! going to pop some popcorn and watch it and see how many times when McCain gets cornered he says he wanted to be in Washington to see to the peoples' business rather than be there heh.

yinyang said...

I do have something which resembles a life, but I'm kidding myself if I think I'm going to study for the tests I have next week instead of watching the debate. I sat through McCain's half of the Saddleback Forum, so I think I can survive tonight's show. (Heck, it's probably going to be a family affair!).

So, yes, I will live-blog with you, Allan, if you haven't changed your mind.

Sling said...

I made the pro-no-life choice some time ago,so I'll be all over the debates.
if you're gonna be here,I'll stop by and see if I can't help muddy the waters a little.

Citymouse said...

I would love to live blog this. But in small town america this is friday night lights and my son will be playing in the half time show.. i wonder if I can get it in on my mp3 player -- it only has FM ... hmmmmm

yellowdog granny said...

I'll be here with my bowl of cough drops, box of kleenex and my hot tea..I can't see the tv from my computer but I'm close enough to run back and long as annie doesn't trip me up, I'll be fine..I also have about 6 rolls of socks that I will throw at the tv every time mcasshole mentions being held prisoner in hanoi hilton.

Craig D said...

"Over the last decade or so, I have quit alcohol, cocaine, heroin and various pills and I have been quite successful- no lapses save for the odd sleeping tablet - but I can't seem to give up the politics..."

Why do you think they call it "dope?"