Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Short Note Of Appreciation


My car started stalling on me while I was driving. I tried as best I could to diagnose it; checked the battery and fuses , tested the alternator, furrowed my brow and googled the hell out of "Volvo 780 stall check engine" and nothing lunch today it wouldn't start and jumping it didn't work...fortunately, I had taken my Twin's advice earlier this year and enrolled in AAA, so I was able to get it towed for free. Now I'm just sitting at work, waiting for the phone to ring and hoping it's something relatively cheap (like a sensor) and not something horrible (like the timing chain). If it is something major, my brother will help me get it fixed.

I am very fortunate to have such a good brother.

My eldest cat has been unable to control her pee and she's not getting better on her own, but luckily I have a friend here who loves cats and has a good job- he has offered to help me with my personal financial crisises but pride has prevented me from accepting- but it's my cat and I love the little fucker, so tonight I will call my friend and ask him for help.

My boss spent his lunch hour helping me with my car. It was seriously low on oil and I had no money- he bought two quarts for me and told me not to worry about it and that I could have as much time off as I need, (which I hope is none). A co-worker has offered me a ride home tonight and a ride back to work in the morning, so I won't miss anymore hours. There are some very cool people here at work, it turns out. I'm lucky to work for and with them.

Last week, my PC died on me and a different friend repaired it for me free of charge.

Also, I've been quite ill lately and yet another friend has helped me get medicine which seems to be working.

I've been feeling overwhelmed by my volunteer duties at the radio station. "Isn't there anyone else who knows how to do this?" has been my mantra. A friend at the station connected me with a young man who wants to learn how to do live audio for bands and now he is my intern and was very helpful during last night's double-band broadcast and I am looking forward to having his help in the future.

On top of it all, I have been experiencing a personal heartache that I don't want to blog about but I seem to be unable to cope with on my own- guess what? Friends have helped me with that, too.

Literally, hardly a day has passed in the last month without something bad happening and some of it is more than I can handle. Last week I felt the urge to drink again- something that I never thought I would feel - and I reached out to friends and they were there for me. The feeling has passed. I have too much to live for to throw it away by drinking. I needed to be reminded of that.

Some of the friends who have bailed me out recently live in the same city as me and some of them are sitting in your chair right now. I have friends everywhere and I wouldn't be here without them. Without you.

I'm really lucky to have so many friends.

Thank you.

P.S. - Just as I was getting ready to post this, a co-worker popped in to tell me that ice cream is being served in the lobby. How about that for good timing?


yellowdog granny said...

holyshit!...what more could go wrong?..oh, no don't even think about it..I'll happen...I will double up on the candles and prayers..and a package of 'stuff' is coming ..regular mail of one thing. so should be there by monday at the latest..
also going to send you a package of more of the tapes and maybe some books that you might be able to 'move'..
I still think you should blog about what has broke your heart...we're your friends and we'll be here for you always..and you need to get it out and in the open...listen to jackie...I wouldn't steer you wrong..look at me...I've told everyone on the internet that would, will, or does read me, every fucking thing about me..the good the bad and the ugly....andthere was lots of ugly...It's your blog and you can cry if you want to..
and let me tell you something else my friend.........
being your friend is one of the easiest things i've ever done.

The Social Reformer said...


Citymouse said...

Since my son's accident, with the loss of his hearing --- well my husband and I have been thinking of It's a Wonderful Life.. So to you I say "No many is a failure who has friends"

Anonymous said...

Ice cream - just the right thing to celebrate having friends (not for nothing were ice cream socials invented!).