Monday, October 13, 2008

Stukas Over Dixieland

The Junkers JU-87 Stuka Dive Bomber was, for a time, one of Nazi Germany's most fearsome weapons. It was, among other things, equipped with an incredibly loud, air-powered siren that would increase in volume and pitch as it descended at great speed on a target, the sound was intended to strike terror into the hearts of it's victims and it worked admirably, if one is inclined to admire terrorism.
(I am not.)

Speaking of high-pitched, fear-inducing sirens, Sarah Palin was in my hometown today; she held a rally at the very same NASCAR track that I worked at earlier this year.
She and McCain had a rally together in Virginia Beach earlier this morning, with Palin continuing up here this afternoon.

This is remarkable because my state, in my lifetime, has NEVER voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate- most years, the GOP doesn't lift a finger to contest Virginia- it's a given that it'll go Republican. This year might change that. McPalin wouldn't be visiting if they weren't afraid.

Speaking of fear, what the heck are McPalin talking about at these rallies? It can't be McPalin policies, because they, by their own admission, don't have any.
This morning, McCain’s policy adviser, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, said, “I have no comment on anything, to anybody.”
It's three weeks before the election and McPalin's campaign platform is "no comment"?

That's pathetic.

So anyway, what are they talking about at those rallies?

It should be noted that the Stuka was quite effective at destroying slow-moving or immobile targets such as homes, factories, railroads, people and bridges.
Look around your American neighborhood. Did a Stuka dive bomber foreclose your home, close the local factory and shut down your Amtrak station? Did the Luftwaffe bomb New Orleans?

It should also be noted that the Stuka was no match for a true fighter plane such as the American P-51 Mustang or the British Spitfire. The JU-87 was a slow, unwieldy aircraft that was all but incapable of protecting itself in an aerial dogfight.

It had two primary functions:

1) Terrorize
2) Destroy

So anyway, what are they talking about at those rallies?


Susannity said...

Hate. Fear.

I was glad to see McCain correct a few folks at his rally on Obama being an Arab and on being scared.

I sure do hope some of the states like Virginia come out for Obama.

yellowdog granny said...

joe six-pack, soccer moms, mavericks, and you betcha!
it's on a loop..then she winks

Allan said...

Sus- McCain did the proper thing when he corrected them - his supporters boooeed him for doing the right thing. Amazing.

JS- Too bad we don't drink anymore. Palin speeches would make great drinking games.

Sling said...

Today Sarah ranted that Obama keeps looking at the past,while she and Johnny are looking toward the future!..Then she invoked the spirit of Ronald Reagan..

schlep said...

Ha ha, excellent post Allan, she is a very terrifying siren indeed, I'm afraid after she is packed back off to Alaska in November that will will not be seeing the last of her either...a real phenomenon, a Republican tabloid media star she is. Intelligence-proof.


Ha! What a brilliant segue and metaphor..I'm still larfing my butt off..I guess that would be LMBO!

Virginia is still 'virgin' territory for the Dems eh?
Somebody needs to POP that Cherry!

schlep said...

You know it's much easier to understand what she and McCain are talking about if you substitute the phrase "unreasonable asshole" for "maverick", try it!

yinyang said...

What McCain did on that rally to correct his supporters does not even begin to make up for all the terrible commercials and outrageous claims his campaign has made. Especially "pallin' around with terrorists" and the subsequent commercial. Not that it would change my mind about him if he became all sunshine and rainbows and stuck to the truth - I'm still not voting for him.

Allan said...

Sling- I hope they lose one for the Gipper.

Schlep- I'm afraid you are correct. She's had a taste of blood and she likes it. A lot.

Donn- Thanks. She is not a Pit Bull by any means, a Pit Bull has the capacity for kindness and can defend itself without air cover...Palin is pure Stuka.
Virginny might pop. Anything's possible.

YY- I'm not supporting him, but McCain did seem honestly uncomfortable with the hatred being spewed...his last, vestigal scrap of conscience was showing. Palin has no such burden, nor do her handlers. The Theo-Cons aren't running a McCain 2008 campaign this year, they are beginning the Palin 2012 circus four years early, you betcha!

AC@45 said...

Tonight we find out which party will run Canada for the next 4, maybe 3, maybe 2 years. Would be nice to have a Liberal minority with a NDP and Green back up to hold power, but we will probably end of with a Conservative minority gov't again.

I explained to some friends from Michigan that our Conservative and Liberals are like your Democrats .. they really didn't get it.

Good luck on your election. You know it take 5 weeks to hold a election here, for the US its been the last 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Very funny comparison. May McCain and Palin crash and burn.

Craig D said...

Isn't it about time for the SWIFTBOAT VETERANS FOR THE TRUTH to start pronouncing their daily ORANGE TERROR ALERTS about some unspecified something crossing the Mexican border? (Hey- whatever happened to those color-coded alerts, anyway?)

ac@45: Good luck, Canadians. We Yanks know what it is like to have one's country run by someone who can speak understandable English.