Friday, November 14, 2008

The Best Thing Since

Personally, I think sliced bread is over-rated. I'd rather have a good job . If I had a good job, I wouldn't have to buy the day-old sliced bread, I could buy the fresh shit and slice it myself. It tastes better that way, really, it does.

Oh, right. I do have a good job. I just finished the two-day training and was surprised to see Jim, my old boss from 2000, was back at his job. That's really good news- I was Jim's second-in-command in 2000 and he liked me a lot, although he did get get -rightfully so- on my case for being drunk all the time. He also wasn't exactly thrilled with me when I got arrested on Federal dope charges, but he stood by me anyway, and I got promoted after he found out I wasn't going to prison.
I have always had a nagging feeling that I had somehow let him down by drinking so much, but now I'll have a chance to make it right. He was really glad to see me, which was a good feeling.

Thursday night,DJ Bill and myself went to the University see the local Gamelan orchestra at their rehearsal. I'll be recording them next Thursday night and I wanted to hear the room and the instruments, because I have never recorded a Gamelan orchestra before and wanted to plan it out a little.
The recording will be part of special program on Bill's show. It'll be an interesting audio challenge- fortunately, the University has some nice microphones I can use.

The instruments are handmade and beautiful. I'll get better pics next week.

Anyway, I have a whole truckload of radio to do this weekend, and then we open the new Censored office on Monday. At first, we won't have phones or computers, so I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing at work, but it won't be blogging. I expect that to be temporary, though.

Have a rockin' weekend!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jim is glad to see you doing so much better, too. The Gamelan orchestra looks really interesting.

(A misplaced comment: I actually like the red sheets. Mine are white, but I never really thought of them as "missionary" white I think of them as peaceful white. I see white as more of a non-distracting color.)

Now, go get yourself some bread!

Allan said...

Gamelan up-close is an amazing thing...can't wait to do it.

(Famous Last Words: "I'm sorry, I can't concentrate- I'm too busy staring at these colorful sheets.")

Get some too!

Enemy of the Republic said...


Jobs are good, raises are better.

I like bread in which I yank off big hunks. I also like turkey legs.

yellowdog granny said...

i feel like a schmuck, but have no idea what a gamelan is ...
i bet jim will be thrilled to death to hear you're not so happy about the job, i could do a little dance..

i just did..

NYD said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. The instruments look like pieces of art.

And thank you, I did have an awesome weekend.

Allan said...

EN- You'd be fun to break bread with.

JS- Gamelan is people banging on things while other people dance. Thanks for the dance!

NYD- All were hand-made in Indonesia and shipped here.
Glad to hear it.

angel said...

i like sliced bread!
that music group looks fascinating.
ooh- and strongs with the new job dude- things definitely seem to be looking up, eh!!?!

Craig D said...

Put 'em all in a horse shoe configuration and go binural, I say!

schlep said...

That's young Brian Larson, second pic third from the front - he bangs the bodhran for our Irish music session too; small planet!

Sling said...

Those instruments are totally cool lookin'
Can you post some audio?

yinyang said...

Actually, I think the phrase "best thing since sliced bread" is supposed to be ironic or sarcastic (or something).

Hopefully your Censored offic is getting telephones and computers soon, or has them already, so that you can work better... and maybe blog and stuff. But only after you've finished your work, of course. ;)