Saturday, December 27, 2008

Say Cheese!

When I was a young boy I used to enjoy the campy old Batman TV show. As I neared my teen years, I became increasingly interested in the episodes featuring Eartha Kitt or Julie Newmar as Catwoman. In hindsight, I think it was Eartha's sultry, r-r-rolling, purrrrring voice that excited me...and as far as Ms. Newmar, I think it was her ultra-womanly hips that caught my young eye. Still do.

Eartha Kitt recently passed away, and until recently, I was unaware that she had spent her post-Batman years working diligently for international humanitarian and civil rights causes.She once confronted First Lady 'Ladybird' Johnson at a formal reception- Kitt was livid over the Vietnam took a lot of courage for a black woman to give a public tongue-lashing to a First Lady back then...Ms. Kitt's screen and stage career never recovered, but hers was a long, admirable life and one well-spent. Plus, she was totally hot.

My Christmas was OK. I ate a great deal of food at my Uncle's house and I hung out with my brother. We didn't do 'gifts', but Twin gave me a nice piece of 'hand-me-down' music gear that's better than most gifts I have received over the last ten years or so...Twin always gives the best things!

When I got home, I had a message on my answering device. It was a familiar woman's voice, sounding slightly drunk:
"Hi! [garbled]... I love you! I miss you! I'm sorry I never call, you never call either but I care! I love you! I want to talk to you because I love you!I care so much..."
Wow. I know who that is. We were hanging out together not long ago, just talking. I sure wish she'd told me all that stuff while I was there with her.

"I know I don't call much, but I'm your niece and I love you! Call me!"

Niece? What? Oh...I am a wrong number.

Sure enough, the next message was from my friend, sounding cheerfully embarrassed: "Hi. I , um, dialed your number by mistake. I was calling my Aunt. I'm a little drunk...giggle. I love you ! Call me! giggle."

Mistake or not, it was nice sharing a laugh with her later. It helped take my mind off certain things that have been bothering me, things such as the recent death of 1950's pin-up queen, Betty Page:

Betty Page pics help take my mind off the looming war between Pakistan and India over Pakistan's alleged role in the Mumbai attacks...and the Christmas bombings in Baghdad...and the Santa Killer.

So distracted am I with nostalgic cheesecake, unintentional prank calls and the ceaseless, peace-less parade of bad news that I almost forgot about my four-hour radio marathon today. Almost.


The Kinks- Wicked Annabella
Rod Stewart- You Wear It Well
Emerson, Lake and Palmer- Still, You Turn Me On
Frank Zappa and Capt. Beefheart- Muffin Man

T.Rex- Ride a White Swan
Green Man- Bush, Bombs and bin Laden
The Old Haunts- Poisonous Times

Atomic Rooster- Goodbye Planet Earth
The Kinks- Last of the Steam-Powered Trains
(It's not the size of the engine, it's the curve of the track. Or so I have been told.)

Jim Protector
- The Distance
The Love Kills Theory- Vacuum Space
No Restraints- Just Go Away

Atomic Hooligan- Thief
Volifonix- So Sick, So Wrong

Damien Dempsey- Industrial School
Gong- Can You:You Can
Jethro Tull- Inside

Niav- Bedlam
Norine Braun- Jen Suis Desolee
DOTMIG- She's My Muse
Be Bop Deluxe- Third Floor Heaven
Buzzcocks- What Do I Get?
Kevin Cahoon- Dolls

Killamonjahro-Bimbo Song
Nikki Barr- Go

Now, onto the next show.


David Lindley & El Rayo X- Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Chameleons- Up The Down Escalator
Joe Jackson- Survival
Dream Syndicate- Days of Wine and Roses
Pretty Things- No Future
The Kinks- Catch Me Now, I'm Falling
Pere Ubu- Why Go It Alone?

Klark Kent- Excess
Sugarcubes- Coldsweat
10,000 Maniacs- Everyone A Puzzle Lover
King Crimson- Heartbeat
Meat Puppets- Up On The Sun
XTC- Snowman

Dukes of Stratosphere- Have You Seen Jackie?
Crack The Sky- Suspicion
Robyn Hitchcock- Midnight Fish
Troublefunk- People All Over The World

Bruce Cockburn- If I Had A Rocket Launcher
Oingo Boingo - Little Guns
Mission of Burma- That's When I Reach For My Revolver
Magazine- This Poison
Missing Persons- Mental Hopscotch

Replacements- Go

Nouvelle Vague- Heart of Glass

See ya next year!


Merelyme said...

Happy Holidays to you!

I had heard about Eartha Kitt passing...I do remember her from batman as well as for singing santa baby! she will be missed.

yellowdog granny said...

very happy you had a good christmas with your uncle and twin..I was saddened to hear about eartha kitt too..she was the best..and brave..facing down lady bird johnson at the white house took a lot of balls..think she also wanted them to take acid..
i had a great christmas...was going to listen to your show yesterday and all i did was read..was going to do this do some other stuff and did exactly ..nada..was really nice...hope you have great new ya..jac

yinyang said...

It's nice to know your Christmas didn't suck, and I hope the new year doesn't, either.