Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Where Am I?

And how do I get out of here?

Well, the new job has a few problems. Firstly, I'd sure like to get paid in-full and on-time. I haven't received a full paycheck yet, and this is my third week. I was told it would be cleared up, but it hasn't been. I've been working my ass off and I'm still nearly broke.

Second, there are are the computers. They exist, I can see and touch them, but I cannot use them. I have been told that "the system that gives us passwords is down", whatever that means.

I have to manage several large databases and it's hard to do that without a computer. On top of that, the PCs run on Vista and I have never touched Vista. I'll have to learn a new OS on-the-fly while working the busiest job I've ever had. There is too much in-office work for me to stay at home and use my PC; my several-days long 'holiday' of telecommuting is long-gone.

My new commute is a 30-minute struggle through the entire heart of the city, which is doing major roadway repairs and has half or more of the lanes closed at any given time. The office isn't near any highways or freeways, there is no 'shortcut' or 'good way' to get there. It's so remote that we can't even get pizza delivered.

Obviously, I haven't been able to blog. I hope to blog again some day soon.

Where to start? Or is it the end?

Too many variables. Try again later.


Donn Coppens said...

How on earth do they expect you to perform your duties without a frickin' computer?

The upside is that a 30 minute commute through the deepest, darkest, bowels of the city will be an endless source of blogable material.

Stay on top of them and their payroll department and stay in touch.

beth said...

I had to wait a full month to get paid on my new job!! I hope you don't have to wait as long.

yellowdog granny said...

My daddy always said..the squeaky wheel gets oiled first..I'd start off about 8 am bitching about no check and keep it up until i was paid in full...don't come between me and my paycheck...kick some ass sweety..remember what i always say about beating around the bush...all you get is a beat up bush.
i miss you...hope to talk to you sat...even if just to say howdy..

Sling said...

Can you cover your eyes and have someone else log into the 'puter so you can access your stuff?..that's crazy.
I've only used the home Edition of Vista,not the pro version.
It's different,but you shouldn't have a a big problem getting used to it.

Craig D said...

Ah, Mister Coberly! Come in. Sit down.

Now, I've been hearing rumors that you have some, shall we say, "issues" with how I am running this branch of the U.S. Census Department.

Well, let me remind you that there is no "I" in team and that, while the chicken certainly made a contribution, the pig was really committed.

The wisdom of the squirrell and the gift of the goose is all we ask here.

I believe you can now understand why your petty concerns about how the payroll must be handled are unfounded.

I'm glad we're all on the same page now. Let's not have more discussion about passwords or paychecks.

Atta boy. Now get back to work, Slugger!

more cowbell said...

There is no "I" in TEAM, but there sure as hell is a PAY in PAYCHECK. The "my ass" is implied, as in "Pay my ass!"

Vista isn't hard, just SSSLLLOOOOWWWW.