Saturday, January 10, 2009


At work I am responsible for an electronic document. Should anything happen to the document, our entire department would come to a crashing, piled-up halt and would stay that way for days. The problem is, I am prohibited from saving the document onto a Bureau PC and am likewise forbidden from copying it or saving onto a CD, flash drive, email or other media. My job requires me to work on a document that I am not allowed to save, copy or transfer- in other words, the only way to fulfill my job obligations is to break rules that can get me fired.
The fact that our department is running smoothly is clear evidence of wrong-doing, because if we follow The Rules, it's not possible to accomplish our goals. It's as if I had a job delivering pizzas and the Pizza Boss followed me out to my car and slashed my tires as I was loading pies into my car. Seriously.

If we were following procedure, we'd have failed and been fired weeks ago, so our success is somewhat incriminating. If HQ understood their own system, they'd realize that it is unworkable, therefore anyone who is succeeding must, logically, be in disobedience of the rules.

But on the radio, I follow my own path, FCC notwithstanding. I don't have rules, per se, but I do have goals:

#1) Have Fun
I love music, so this part is easy. It's hard for me to find time to listen to music, so my show gives me a much-needed weekly two-hour fix.

#2) Do Some Good
If I can match a new fan up with a new band, my volunteer DJ work is worth it. Share, says I.

#3) Glory, and Lots of It
Um, right. Whatever.

The New Breakfast Snob, Sat Jan. 10

Cafebar 401- Damn These Blues
These guys are from The Netherlands and are remarkably versatile, taking some of the best elements of cool old progrock and blending them with straight-ahead rock-solid songwriting and a quietly effective sense of humor and fun. Highly recommended!

The Kinks- Rats
Best band ever. No one tells a story like Ray does.

Iridesense- Don't Say
Commercial, but I like it and will be playing more of them on future shows. Don't tell anyone.

Minimal Side Effects- Coming Undone
I have a soft spot for high-energy, semi-tight, simple garage rock. That's what this is and this
North Carolina band does it extremely well. Fun!

X- Drunk In My Past
X, the band, single-handedly pulled me from the depraved pits of Grateful Dead hippiedom and dropped me into the squalid, seething cellar of punk rock. It was huge upward step.

Norine Braun- Be Brave
Canadian and amazing! Braun is a musical shapeshifter of the highest-caliber and she's got some great musicians on her recordings. Worth investigating!

Damien Dempsey- Seize The Day
Did ya know I love me some Damo? Of course you do.

Fairport Convention- The Way I Feel
Gordon Lightfoot wrote this. It has some very nice, understated guitar work by Mr. Richard Thompson. More on him later.

Jethro Tull- Acres Wild
I bought this album back in 9th grade. I was still a virgin back then and had no idea what a sexy song this is. I think this album, Heavy Horses, might have been the last "good" Tull album. Pity. They were the best band, ever.

Green Man- Glory Box
Great band, masters of many genres, incuding the blues. Two ears open!

Richard Thompson- Tear-Stained Letter
Nowadays, one's tears are more likely to fall upon a keyboard than an actual letter. This jamming live version has one of the most amazing guitar solos I have ever heard- and I have heard a lot of guitar solos. My broken heart wept with joy as I listened to him go wahoo apeshit during the vamp at the end of this song.

Stefanie Seskin- Your Own Road
This is the only S.S. song I have but I want more. Great voice and production.

The Purrs- She's Gone
I was enthralled by the wah-wah guitar track that weaves in and out of the background of this great pop-rocker. Cool without being intrusive. I want more Purrs.

Blue Number Nine- Dig My Hands
I dig this; soulful and fresh. More!

Scratch and Bite- Wait
Industrial metal with muffled Tom Waitsesque vocals...there's a time and place for it. Somewhere.

Belt- The Night Of The Living Dead
I'm hoping for a Zombie Plague. My love life could use the boost.

Southern Backtones- Forever
I'm liking this.

Carrie Rodriguez- Infinite Night
I first heard Carrie while driving home from a well-needed vacation this summer. Been a fan ever since.

Atris- Conquer All
Love conquers itself but little else. Not that I'm any case, this band is great.

Billy David Band- Not OK
This group compares itself to Dave Matthews. I really do not care for Matthews but I do like this band. Nice grooves and edgy rapping.

Joan As Police Woman- Eternal Flame
I played this right after a PSA for NORML featuring Willie Nelson, but this song isn't about that sort of flame. Haunting, layered vocals reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins but without all the extra reverb.

Taxi To The Ocean- Hold Onto Me
Another great Netherlands band that I have only recently discovered. More too come- I'd love to see this band live. Two ears open!

Iron Butterfly- Are You Happy?
Are you? The drugs must be working.

The Frames- Lay Me Down
When they break into "Ring of Fire", I get all goose-bumpy. Best band, ever.

The Duhks- Fast Paced World
The best "Americana" comes from Canada. Ask Neil Young or the Duhks.

The Love Kills Theory- Grey
Not the best band ever, but still a fave of mine. They might be giants but they aren't.

Tuxedomoon- 59 to 1
In high school, I was taking acid and listening to bands like The Residents and Tuxedomoon. I've been trying to find my place in the world ever since.

Thanks for virtually listening!


yellowdog granny said...

i'm glad you break the rules..i like that about you..and the kinks and iron butterfly in one show..holy shit!...and i missed it..made turkey pot pies and turkey soup all day...dang wish you were here to have some..really good.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Thanks to you, good music is being played and hopefully good bands are getting the followings they deserve.

Radio people who play good music make the world a better place. Seriously--they do. Think how bad radio is these days.

I haven't quit blogging. I just can't blog while this Gaza mess is going on. If I change my mind, I will let you know. I am holding out for an end to this war. I don't expect peace in that region, but I would like to think that the war could stop. I am beyond horrified--Iraq was one thing, but this one is just too damn much for me.

Anonymous said...

That is really bizarre, but I'm glad you've found a way to work around it.

Craig D said...

But it's OK to post your spreadsheet on your blog, right?


billy pilgrim said...

i guess confidentiality is important when dealing with census data.

no better way to ensure confidentiality than to destroy all the data.

angel said...

dude, no list of yours would be complete without damien dempsey.

Citymouse said...
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Citymouse said...

Great songs (as always)
And, as far as the other thing, is it really wrong if no one knows you are doing it and you dont get caught? WAIT...dont answer that!

whimsical brainpan said...

Great show Allan!