Friday, January 16, 2009

What's Wrong With Me?

This is a picture of the container that carries my brain. This morning I took myself into the garage to have it checked out, I didn't think I was supposed to have a a big red spot on my braincase.

After paying the admission fee, my mechanic looked me over and said he thought I'd be OK,
but he wanted to send me to another mechanic who specializes in paint blemishes and surface stains. He said he'd call and see if she could see me.



So I went to see the new mechanic, a young woman named Dr. Love, and she said my skinbone was tarnished but it was merely cosmetic and that she could fix it with an ice-torch. The idea, Dr. Love explained murderously, was to kill the offending stain on my head by freezing it to death. After a week or so, it would lose it's grip and fall away- but it was gonna get ugly on the way out.

That was true. It's all swollen and blackish-red now...won't be posting any pics, never fear.

My head hurts and it looks like shit, but at least it's not killing me. That's a relief.



Craig D said...

Suggestion: Try banging the wall with a different part of your head for a while.

Allan said...

Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh, CD- I needed that!

billy pilgrim said...

can you grow a little hair for protection?

i like to keep mine warm.

yellowdog granny said...

you can quit banging you head on the wall now honey...obama's here..all over the place and making terrific speeches...godess bless america

Anonymous said...

A relief, for sure. A keratoma, I take it? Hope you heal up quickly.

yinyang said...

I'm glad they took care of the bump, but they didn't deal with the fact that your skin turned orange? What's up with that?

P.S. As far as your question goes, no. I was a baby when the video came out, so I wouldn't have been able to dance that well.

Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

I get these little patches of dry skin on my legs and ankles sometimes. I freaked out and saw the doctor, he told "maybe a fungus". Among us? I'm like what?? He suggested over the counter cream and I do it for a while, but it never really goes away.... I feel like a leper!
I just pull up my socks... ha ha
maybe you can start wearing a big muffin hat?

whimsical brainpan said...

I hope it's healing quickly.

angel said...

oh thank god its nothing deadly!
i have two words for you- sunblock dude!!

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wait, I'm confused. Your head is in pain. What exactly is wrong?

I get migranes a lot and take presciption meds that don't do much.

Now there is a joke here and I'm missing it--I guess no invitation to your next party!

Citymouse said...

I think it was just an idea trying to get out. You have so many... they are trying to find new ways!