Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Never Met a More Fuss I Didn't Like

My radio show, "The New Breakfast Snob", should have celebrated it's second birthday two months ago and I didn't even note it- it slipped right past me.
In the last 26 months, I've logged 282 hours and it's all been been quality time.

My show's name is a tribute to a long-lost friend named Michael Hawkesworth. I met Mike way back around 1985; I was in my late teens and had just moved to Park City , Utah, where Mike had an AM radio show called "The Breakfast Snob". Mike introduced me to some artists that really opened my ears- Danielle Dax, Foetus, Yello, Kraftwerk , Can, etc...Mike was older and served as a sort of mentor, putting up with my wretched guitar-playing when we jammed and occasionally giving me good's a blur now, but I do owe Mike H. a debt for warping my soundbrain, hence the show title.

My first time-slot was Sunday mornings from 7am -9am, but eventually I moved up to Saturday afternoon and I unconsciously began shifting the emphasis away from my own record collection (which ends around 1995) and toward newer and lesser-known artists. The Intertube provides me with much of my content; there are a number of sites and services that provide legal downloads and artist info to radio stations and other media of my new hobbies is browsing bands that I've never heard before and keeping the ones I like-and I like a lot of them!

No single person could ever listen to all the great rock/pop-type music recorded over the last fifty years or so, no matter how much time they had...there is just too damn much of it! Nevertheless, I intend to keep trying.
Here's this week's offerings with links to most of the active bands...explore and enjoy!

The New Breakfast Snob, 28 Febuary, 2009

Kelly Richey Band- Leave The Blues Behind
Let's be clear. There has only been one living, playing incarnation of Jimi Hendrix and that was a man named Jimi Hendrix. That particular Jimi is dead.
That being said, there's no reason anyone has to be the "next Hendrix", especially Kelly Richey. Richey is just fine being herself. She's a gutsy singer and a guitarist to admire and envy. Guitarism is as much about attitude as it is technique and Richey has the right amount and mixture of both. Rock on!

BeBop Deluxe- Panic In The World/Drastic Plastic/Harvest
I was talking to a friend about how "tense" the world has felt for the last eight years or so...this song is from 1978. Some things never change.

Trench Town Oddities- I Will Never Let You Fall
Easy on the ears and the mind without being the slightest bit lightweight or trivial-sounding.
I'll have more from this talented Canadian band soon. Members of TTO have played with quite a few well-known Canadian bands...I recognized April Wine and Glass Tiger among them. I'm not sure I'd 'fess up to being in Glass Tiger...didja know that April Wine did a King Crimson cover, way back in the day?

Danny Elfman- The Little Things/Wanted Soundtrack
Have you heard the theme song to The Simpsons? This is nothing at all like that- this is more like good old Oingo Boingo. Thanks Whim!

Cursive-Sink to the Beat/Burst and Bloom/Saddlecreek
New album due out soon. See note above.

Lisa Bianco - Post Data/We Communicate
Starts off a bit girlie and pretty and soon gets loud, crunchy and sharp around the edges. I have a weakness for that sort of thing.

Carrie Rodriguez-Dirty Leather/SAOAB/Backporch
I have a weakness for this sort of thing.

Chris Huff- Then We're Dead
Live for the day! Carpet Dee Em! Never heard of Huff before last night, but I really dig this song and expect I'll add more later.

Patty Hurst Shifter- Mr Soul/Fugitive Glue/Pants on Fire
I just got this CD last week. This version of the old Buffalo Springfield classic rocks hard- apaying homage to 'Satisfaction' all the way home...

Omar Alexander- Stolen From Me
Tasteful without being wussified. Really good, in fact. Soulful rock, rockin' soul...why care about labels? Just listen.

Kaiser Cartel- Oh No/March Forth/Blu Hammock
Oh, yes.

Jimi Hendrix- Love or Confusion/AYE?/Reprise
Please don't make me tell you who Hendrix was or why he was so important- you should already know that.

Jenny Madison- Midnight
There are a lot of female singer-songwriters who are breaking the tacky "hairy-legged coffeehouse" stereotype. Madison is one example- this song is top-notch old school blues rock -but with a modern feel.

Dare Dukes- Ballad of Darrius McCollum/Prettiest Transmitter of All
Dig Dare Dukes! I double dare you to NOT enjoy this Sublime Subway Ballad. Take the express or read between the lines, it all takes you to a good song.

Nijole Sparkis- Everything
This is true.

Pretty Things- Grass/Parachute/Edsel
Parachute was the Rolling Stone Album of the Year in 1970, back when that still meant something.

This is one of my desert island albums.

Eleni Mandell- I'm Your Girl
Sexy junkyard psychedelic carnival cabaret showtune with a Tom Waits twist.

Melissa Cox- My Magdalene
Questions...answered? Maybe. Cox rocks.

Show Me The Skyline- Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Demands? Who are these guys? They sure did write a good song.

Jon Prophet- Like A Train
This guy is really good. I bet he starts a New Religion or something. Catchy rock song!

Spy For Hire- Things Used To Be Good
Since when? This song is good right now.

Anouschka- Buried Alive
Despite being unable to pronounce her name, I am quickly becoming an Anouschka fan.

The Duhks- This Fall/Fast Paced World/Sugar Hill
One of my fave albums from last year.

Trey Green- My Girlfriend
This is hilarious AND rocking. It would be even funnier if it wasn't so obviously based on my relationship with did Green know about that?

Astronauts of Antiquity- Everywhere
Everywhere, can see my feet from where I'm standing.
Actually, this is a classy band. Expect more.

Jen Foster- Broken
Yet another rockin' female singer/songwriter. I have a weakness for them- did I mention that?




NYD said...

You can always have a very merry un-birthday celebration.
I like what you say about there being so much music that it would be impossible to listen to it all. My trouble is breaking out of my safety zone and trying out any new artists at all.

Chris Huff said...

Hey Allan! Thanks so much for the airplay. Thank God for people like you to filter us artists through the noise. Have a most groovy Sunday and very merry unbirthday.

angel said...

i think danny elfman is a genius!

Dare Dukes said...

hey, Allan. Thanks so much for featuring "Ballad of Darius McCollum." You rock.


Enemy of the Republic said...

You're an amazing blogger. Of course you are. And you sure know how to play the tunes. Man, we could use you here in Philly.

whimsical brainpan said...

Congrats on your belated anniversary!

It was another great show BTW.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing "Post Data"!