Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have been remiss in posting my playlists. I would do it more often, but I pretty much figure no one cares about music anymore- if they did, there would be websites about bands and stuff.

Anyway, here's some songs that I played on the radio over the last two weeks.

14 Feb 2009

In a fit of romantic pique, I was tempted to play Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks five consecutive times for my "holiday" special, but I changed my mind at the last minute and wound up with these se;ections:

Genesis (Rewired)- Counting Out Time
Honestly, I don't see the point in re-making great works of art but these guys are good at it and my original Genesis album is worn-out. Funny song!

Ella Fitzgerald- I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Happy Valentine's Day!

Jimi Hendrix- Machine Gun
Capone, Moran and thou

Santana- I Hope You're Feeling Better

Flaming Groovies- Yesterday's Numbers
Didja ever feel like...?

Arvel Bird- Red Ride
I need more music by Arvel Bird. Stay tuned.

Ben Harper- Steal My Kisses
Can't give them away.

The Stranglers- Ships That Pass In The Night

The Soft Boys- I Wanna Destroy You

Jen Foster- Sunday Drive
Great catchy pop played with smarts, more to come.

Funkadelic- This Broken Heart
"I ain't no Gemini"

Faces- You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything
Pretty much anything.

Eleni Mandell- Lets Drive Away
In what? I need a girlfriend with a nicer car.

Jenn Cleary Band- Doesn't Make Sense
The song is built on well-established foundations, but sounds warm and fresh, well-written with nice production. I'm partial to the lyrics on this one...nice!

The Kinks- Fancy
Fancy is my imaginary friend. She's gonna be pissed when she finds out I was talking about her on the radio. This was the Kinks playing with trippy raga noodling, but it's cool...

Trench Town Oddities- Working Again
Yes, on a number of levels. I'll be tracking down more of this clever Canadian combo.

Jade Warrior- Eyes on You
This album has op-art on the label (pic above). If you were stoned or just bored, you could kill an entire quarter-hour staring at it. We didn't have "media players" back then...

Jethro Tull- Mother Goose
One of my favorite bands ever since childhood.

Damien Dempsey- Hold Me
A more recent favorite. It was a hug-free Valentone's Day for me...sob.

X- Johnny Hit and Run Paulene
lyric: "He bought a sterlized hypo/to shoot a sex machine drug"

Lisa Maxwell- Waste of A Life
Nikki Barr- Wasted Time
An interesting trio of artists, all good. Barr recently returned from Afghanistan, performing for the troops! Kudos!

DOTMIG- She's My Muse
I dig the DOTMIG. Stay tuned.

Ross Phazor- Someday
New to my ears. Not boring. Expect more soon.

Joe Jackson -Fools In Love
Hoary Old Chestnut.

BeBop Deluxe- Love Is Swift Arrows
I do not care what Freya says. Cupid is an asshole.
(Where did that bolt of lightning come from?)

PJ Harvey- The Sky Lit Up
Sorry. My apologies to the Goddess.

Niav- Karma Soopa
A new fave. I have more to listen to. Stay tuned.


Damien Dempsey-It's Important/They Don't Teach This #SPAM# In School/UFO
I pasted this list from the radio station blog. The name of the album is "They Don't Teach This Shit In School", which is what I posted. I don't know how it got changed "spam".

Abe Lincoln Story- Don't Need A Bag
Hhaha! Fun song.

DOTMIG- Spending Money
More dog on the DOTMIG.

The Service Industry- Have To Go To Work
Best song in the whole universe, ever.

The Kinks- Sunny Afternoon/Face to Face/Pye
The taxman done took my yacht!

Bob Dylan- Gotta Travel On/Self Portrait/Columbia
Soon, maybe. Maybe not.

Anoushcka- House of My Father
Great song about a not-so-great childhood and the consequences of reunion. My dad was listening but I didn't know at the time, but I wonder if it hurt him. It's a honest, powerful song and not especially kind.

Norine Braun- Hanna To Hollywood
Norine is my new favorite, ever. Seriously, she's good at everything and kinda fun too!

Carrie Rodriguez- Seven Angels On A Bicycle/SAOAB/Back Porch
Man, Carrie cheers me up.

Brian Stoltz-God Guns and Money
Stoltz has been around forever. Solid blues rock with timely words and nice production. Good car-drivin' music!

Richard Thompson- Guns Are The Tongues/Sweet Warrior/Shout Factory
Ten Years After- Let The Sky Fall/A Space In Time/Columbia
Two great guitarists of yore, both still kickin'!

Joan As Policewoman- Furious
This might be my new favorite band. I'll let you know soon.

Garbage- Bad Boyfriend
The studio has nice speakers and Garbage sounds GREAT on them. Some DJs hate them (they are a "producer" band), but I LOVE good production. So there!

Atris- An Evening Out
Worth checking out. New cut from soon-to-release CD.

Jim Protector- The Distance
Like this a lot.

Jen Foster- Sunday Drive
Oops. Meant to play a diff song by JF. This one is starting to grow on me, in a good way.

Stefanie Seskin- Your Own Road
Kick. Ass.

The Duhks- Sleepin' Is All I Wanna Do (Stars on a Sunny Day)/Fast Paced World/Sugar Hill
New favorite Canadian band.

Blue Number Nine- Dig My Hands
Features Stefanie Seskin (see above). Kick. Ass.

Nectarphonic- Undone

Bad Haggis- Sleepy Maggie

Love Kills Theory- The Poverty Of Student Life
Arvel Bird- The Red Ride
The Frames-Live Forever/Another Love Song/Anti

Some other stuff has happened , but it's mostly good. More later.


Anonymous said...

When I was a senior in high school we went on a filed trip to Montreaux to see Ella Fitzgerald (and Keith Jarerett).

Sorry - you just sparked a memory.

angel said...

love jethro tull...

Craig D said...

Is that a Residents record on the turn table? the label looks familiar...

yellowdog granny said...

oh man..so many favorites...and the goddess says your right cupid is a asshole. but a buttroy and asshole are first cousins..so it's all good..
i was going to listen this past sat. but so loopy from no sleep from coughing all i did was read, doze cough and repeat..

Zahumi said...

Yo yo! Sean here from the Trench Town Oddities. Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words. If you`d like to get more tunes from us or get added to our mailing list, please me an email and I`ll get you some new stuff... thanks again
Sean and the Oddities

Allan said...

C- Coolness...I hope it was a good spark!

A- They love you too!

CD- Nope, it's Jade Warrior...but I think the Rez had an oppy album too. I think...

JS- I'm glad Goddess cleared that up.I wish she'd clear up your cough, though.

Sean- You're welcome and thanks for dropping by! I like what I've heard so far, will be in touch.

whimsical brainpan said...

Both were great shows, but you knew that.