Sunday, March 08, 2009


I didn't have a good weekend. I'm at a loss to explain why. I'm at a loss for...everything? That can't be true...but something is amiss, out of balance. The weather was beautiful, yet the only two hours that my spirits lifted were the two hours that I was on the radio. I hate being sad on the inside when it's pretty outside.

My brain feels like milk trying to choose between turning sour or becoming fine cheese. It's all in the hands of external enzymes...oh damn. Now I done gone and made a mess.

I can't tell if this glass of spilled milk was half-empty or half-full, all I know is that it might as well have been onion wine, 'cause it sure is making me cry just like a big ole baby.


It was a great show though...for two hours, the songs flowed together and I couldn't help but dig it. Groovy and all that. Maaaaaan.

The DJ before me has done his last four shows using only music of the year 1969, so I thought I'd use the first song as a transition. The Pretties are one of the most under-rated long-lived bands of all time...
Not for the first time, I find myself marveling at the transformation that my own show has undergone...I used to play mostly sixties folk and rock and seventies punk and prog, with some Celtic thrown it's mostly new music. I might be old, but I still like hearing new bands and sharing them. People who claim that "there is no good music on the radio anymore" are listening to the wrong station.


The Pretty Things- The Sun/Emotions/Snapper
From 1967. Pretty and thingy.

Crazy Aunt Mary- Run Into The Sun
This bluesy/popsy/rocksy/whatevery trio pens catchy songs and has a really good guitarist.

Anouschka- Good Girl Gone Bad
She is really good. I want more bad. Badly, I mean.

Kelly Richey Band- I Want You/Carry The Light/Sweet Lucy

Stephen Luke-Hurricane/No Man's Land/ Sweet Lucy
I am totally blown away by Kelly Richey. She's a great singer, fantastic guitarist and displays a powerful love of the guitar and the moods of the instrument. I don't have nearly her skills, but I recognize her love of's a love that true guitar freaks all share. Richey's self-run record label is called Sweet Lucy and has recently released an album by one of her students, Stephen Luke. Richey plays guitar (and engineered the guitar tracks) on Luke's solid, hook-laden songs.

Chris Huff-For The Trees/Death and Texas/ Huffmusic
Huff plays most of the instruments on this diverse array of songs..."recorded in hotel rooms"?
I think Chis and I have a lot of the same records in our collection, though he doesn't quite sound like anyone specific...I like that.

Damien Dempsey- It's All Good/Seize the Day/Attack
I plug Damo a lot. Wait 'till Paddy's Day...

Joan as Policewoman- Hard White Wall
Hard to describe but easy to listen to. Worth looking for.

Shawn Farley- Lakewater( Hot and Cold)
Brand-new to me, but I like this song- and this artist- a lot. More to come

The Frames- Fake
I hated getting chumped and then seeing you with that asshole. This is for you.

The Service Industry- Have to go to Work
I love this was stuck in my head this morning.

Astronauts of Antiquity- Soup du Jour
This is a talented group...what kind of music do they play? Lotsa kinds.

Lisa Bianco -Sideways
From NYC, Lisa Bianco has a sweet voice. This song made me sad, but then again, everything makes me sad...still, it's a good tune.

Atris- Chasing Rabbits
From a soon-to-be (2nd?) CD. Kinda post-old-new-wave moody synthy rock with tight arrangements and vocals.

Bedtime Story- Little Magic Mushrooms
If you know a better Israeli prog-rock band, let me know. I suspect this song is about tripping.

Kaiser Cartel- The Good Ones/March Forth/Bluhammock
Couple makes beautiful music together.

Dare Dukes- Kick and Holler
From way down South, where kickin'and hollerin' is a way of life.

Stefanie Seskin- Your Own Road
A great voice, oh yes , and rockin' too! It'll get you there!

Chrissy Coughlin- Log
Just found this and liked very much...more to follow.

Cat Power- Stuck Inside Of Mobile With Memphis Blues
This week's obligatory Dylan song.

Garbage- Stupid Girl
Obligatory Shirley Manson appearance.

Black Lips-Starting Over/200 Million Thousand/Vice
Kinda muddled and grabled, like it was recorded underwater on an old cassette deck. Why? I dunno...kinda cool in a retro anti-production way. Repeat listening helps.

Michelle Malone- Grace
A little goes a long way.

Cursive - The Recluse
I took the dirty words out! Now stop freakin'...sheesh.

Taxi To The Ocean- I Live At Home
Neo-Prog-rock opus from Holland.

Slimey Things- Help! I'm Stuck in the 80'S
Australia's finest Sci-Fi band. The perfect set-up song for the next DJ, who's show is all 1980's music. I feel so...contemporary.

Next: A 1,200 page summary.


angel said...

You are being so nice to your fellow DJs! linking from one and into the next one?
hope the doldrums are over soon...

yellowdog granny said...

I suggest less work..more play..and a blowjob

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you were out of sorts. Hope your spirits lft soon.

NYD said...

Man, this is the first time I have run down your playlist and saw nothing familiar. I am going to have a fun time checking out those links!

whimsical brainpan said...

I hate that I missed such a good show, but your show is always good IMO.

I hope your mood has improved.

Ariel said...

Thanks for giving Cyber PR artists some wonderful love Allan! Much appreciated - Love, Team Cyber PR

Lisa Bianco said...

Thanks for playing the tune. Sad is good. Very good!