Thursday, April 16, 2009

Better Late

I am way behind on posting my radio playlists...


Stephen Luke- I Must Be Dreaming
Luke's music is solid, unpretentious and it really makes me want a CD player in my car.

(CORRECTION: The wrong link was up for Luke. Please check out the correct one posted above!)

Dare Dukes- Ballad of Darius McCollum
I had this on MP3 but I recently got the CD and it sounds about 61 zillion times better. It's very layered but not cluttered, the background parts are almost a second song of their own.

Eric Lysaght- Mary Alice
This was sentto me from a promotion agency- the name on the mp3 said their client was named 'Salisbury'...I did some googling and found no 'Salisbury' band...after further digging, I learned that Eric Lysaght is the artist and 'Salisbury' is his album. I got a "I like this" phone call about this song...good stuff!

Robert Wyatt- Age of Self
Robert Wyatt, of course, was the manic, virtuostic drummer for 1960's avant jazzrock band, The Soft Machine. Then he got drunk and took a spill, resulting in serious harm...and a new, quietly intense approach to music. This song from the mid 1980's is a good example.

Jen Foster- Sunday Drive
I love the happily slippy-simple guitar hook. It's cheerful, but the song is a bit...well, it has a nice edge, is what.

The Rolling Stones- She's a Rainbow
This was Keith Richard's band before he was in 'Pirates OTC 3'.

The Band- When I Paint My Masterpiece
For Whim. Keep painting!

Astronauts of Antiquity-Beautiful Fate
I love this band but I cannot define them, which is good. Go listen.

Elvis Costello- Turpentine
Oh yeah. Still kickin'!

Shawn Farley- The Last Time We Talked
Melancholy prog rock ballad with hi-sustain guitar. Props!

Norine Braun- Evolution of the Bloodstar
Yeah, I know I play her a lot- but it's my show and I love the handful of songs I have accumlated from this Canadian Jill of All Genres.

Chris Huff- Hey Now Now
Really neat blend of semi-Tex, island beats, pop hooks and Huff's own touches...reminds me of Damien Dempsey, not so much for the sound, but more for the way myriad influences blend so well.

Southern Backtones- Dirty
Great sexed-up rocker from Texas.

Area 27- Wild Card
The MP3 also had the wrong data...but Area 27 is the band and I like it, despite it being slightly outside my norm- or perhaps that's the appeal! More to come.

Bedtime Story- In A Cage

Angelfish- Dogs In A Cage

Kaiser Cartel- Ok
Really growing on me, although it's dangerously close to 'couples music'.

DOTMIG- She's My Muse
Egregious guitars and snarls. I need that once in a while. Total Rawk!

Scream Daisy- Surrogate City
I like this band but this isn't my favorite song- they have some good rockers, so stay tuned!

Lou Reed- Can't Stand It

Damien Rice- Volcano
Kinda heartbreaking...really.

J.J. Cale- The Sensitive Kind
Is this from the record that had the raccoon on the cover? I want a copy- it's from what? 1970? Cale was a hella songsmith.

Damien Dempsey- Sing All Our Cares Away
Make the world go away with faith and heroin!

Kelly Richey- Leave The Blues Behind
Sometimes ya gotta do just that. I'm a new fan of Kelly's exuberant guitarifying. She clearly loves what she does and she is good at it- not groundbreaking songs, but why should they be? It's more like really good BBQ. Ribs....mmmm.

Stefanie Seskin- Your Own Road
I love this rockin' 3-minute tune. Seskin has been involved in a lot of projects, but I'm sadly sketchy on info...I need to hit the stores soon.

Skidmore Fountain- Earthquake
New to me but they will make another appearance or three soon. Good.

The Meters- Ride Your Pony
You know who they are, right? I helped set up their stage last year during my temp gig at a local music hall. They were great live, even after all these years...but roadie is a young man's job. Me be un-young.

Amber Rose- Sweet Poison
She's 22, affected,moody, cute as heck and likes to sing about cutting herself with glass ...why am I playing this? Because it reminds me of someone I once knew and miss deeply.Plus, Rose can sing!And write...

Joan As Policewoman- Furious
Great ! A+!

Next Friday we will debut our new live broadcast music room- our first band will be world-jazz ensemble Hotel X and we'll have our best engineer at the, hey, that's me! Plus, my lifelong best friend Ron is in the band- it'll be fun!

Stay tuned!


Mr Coppens said...

Do you have any idea how long it's gonna take me to get through this?

THANKS I love you man!

Where is this music thing gonna end now that we know that there are thousands of awesome musicians out here? Is the mass market star system going to explode into a billion niche markets that we hop around on? It's very exciting but it will get totally out-of-hand.

I laugh when I think back to wandering the aisles of my record store in the 70s..I thought that it was so cool that there was so many artists beyond the AM it's like KA_BOOM!

yellowdog granny said...

dammit..i need to have you call me before you go on air and remind me..i keep forgetting...and i love all the music you play..dammit

Anonymous said...

Cool list.

I'm finally back out and about. Like the new car - you can't go wrong with a Toyota.