Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sound is Important

Last night I dreamed that I received an email from my daughter; she was 22 years old and just getting ready to graduate from college. She sent me a picture of herself playing with her band, clutching a battered Fender P-bass and shouting into a rusty, dented microphone.

She looks just like her mother did at that age
, I mused.

Her message also included a hoary old musician joke:

Q: what's the difference between a guitar player and a large pizza?

A: A large pizza can feed a family of four! Hahaha!

That's my girl, I thought, my heart filling with pride.

But when I woke up I couldn't remember what she looked like- or who her mother was. It had to be a person from at least twenty years ago, because I vividly remember being taken by her resemblance to someone from the past- but who? I can remember everything about the dream except her face and her name.

Sometimes I wish that I did have kids in real-life...and if they want to grow up to be bassists, I'm cool with that.


Last weekend was the kick-off of our bi-annual fundraiser at the station. So far, so good.

The New Breakfast Snob, April 25, 2009

Officer Roseland- We Want Your Money
This rockin' Philly band will pay you to download their aptly-titled album, Stimulus Package.

The Beatles- I've Got Feeling
I just got a used copy of Let It Be- for a dollar! Dig my pony.

William Shatner- I Can't Get Behind That
This was for my co-worker Dave, who understands how cool The Shat really is.

Southern Culture On The Skids- Happy Jack
Their bass player is one of my oldest friends from waaaay back in my early rock days...I saw her band recently and she looked great and sounded better. It makes me happy when my friends live out their dreams. A little envious, perhaps, but happy nonetheless.

Damien Dempsey- Negative Vibes
A long-running fave of mine.

Stephen Luke- I Must Be Dreaming
The bass on this song has wonderful tone. That's important.

Bob Dylan and The Band- Long-Distance Operator
There's an entire generation that is completely unfamilar with the technology described in this bluesy lament.

Astronauts of Antiquity
- Breakthrough
This band is onto something. Something good. Go listen.

Richard Thompson- Mr. Stupid
It's Richard. He rocks. What more do you need to know?

Bad Haggis- Sleepy Maggie
This is awesome. I'm working on getting more Bad Haggis, which is the only good haggis, if you ask me.

The Pretty Things- She's A Lover
So many years ago...who were you?

The Frames- Giving It All Away
Hey, wouldja donate already?

Green Man- Banks of The Lee
One of my co-workers said he thought this song was great. I agree.

Cardiacs- Is This The Life?
A local friend- who I first met via this blog- turned me onto this band. They are quite unusual.

Garbage- Till The Day I Die

Chris Huff- Then We're Dead
Huff reminds me of Texas version of Damien Dempsey, only totally different.

Scream Daisy- Bees
Scream Daisy is my all-time favorite Maltese rock band. This song reminds me of myself.

Norine Braun- Je suis desolee
Please don't be sorry. This is so good that it makes me not hate harmonicas. For 3 minutes anyway.

Stefanie Seskin- Nasty
Another song with great bass tone. The song itself is a sort of East Coast-style lounge-metal anti-Hallmark card that says "fuck you" when you open it. I'm not sure if there's higher praise than that.

The Meters- Just Kissed My Baby
I love an ironic cross-fade. And there's some bass tone here too...

Azzdine w/ Bill Laswell- Britou
Moroccan roll with Bill Laswell laying down some long-distance bass lines. If it's Bill Laswell, the bass is gonna sound exception here. Really trippy Eastern grooves, part techno, part not. Awesome.

Jen Foster- Sunday Drive
This song's happy guitar makes me wanna drive...but maybe not so much to Mexico. For now, anyway.


WRIR's New Live Room Gets It's First Sessions!

Our volunteer team has done an amazing job and our studio is bandworthy. Very worthy!

Big thanks to local bands Hotel X and The Riot Before for their musical contributions to our airwaves!

This is myself with the much taller Ron Curry, founding member of Hotel X and life-long best friend of mine. My first band- ever- was with Ron and he still claims it as one of his favorites. Ron- who restores houses- is gonna help my brother find a good home to buy. We are lucky to have a friend like Ron.

Nice guitar!


Next: Dirt. Lots of dirt.


billy pilgrim said...

i picked up dylan's new album yesterday, together through life.

bob does a one hour radio show at the end,"theme town radio hour."

it's a good album.

yellowdog granny said...

lately i like jacob dylan's music more than his dads...
maybe something that you 'gave birth' to 22 years ago is coming together right now?....
i love william shatner..and love the fact that he doesn't understand why his old tv mates from star trek think he's such an asshole..

Anonymous said...

That's really interesting that you'd dream about a child you don't have.

angel said...

Love the playlist, as always.
The new studio looks fantastic dude!
Your dreams are fascinating...