Monday, June 01, 2009

On The Dock

Friday brought a new wave of cuts at work but I have made it to another Monday.
I think I'm being kept on because of my remarkable ability to lift weights exceeding 40 lbs-weights that must pass across one of the worst loading docks I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. What's so wrong with the dock, you ask?

There's no ramp, only a set of stairs. This shortcoming quickly becomes problematic when one is presented with the task of moving Supercans full of paper...imagine a municipal trashcan full of phone books-wet phone books- now, imagine moving the can down a flight of stairs, over and over again-now imagine doing it in the blazing sun, since the dock's rampless state is complimented by it's lack of awning, roofing or overhang of any kind.

It looks like this:

It's bad enough that I have to break rocks in the hot sun, but it doesn't stop there- some non-lifting, non-thinking motherfucker went and put a pair of A/C exhaust fans directly under the dock and the vents blows exhaust directly upward through the cart-killing grating that serves as a dock floor.

Just what I need- more hot air blown up my ass at work. Literally.

At least my new PC works- given my impending joblessness, I really shouldn't have purchased a new PC, but my old one was built in 2001 and home computers have changed a bit since then, so I thought I'd see what all the fuss is about...I'm happy to report that I'm running Vista 64-bit and it rocks! Seriously.

After a week of Vista, I can't really imagine going back to using I just write that?


Even if I lose my job, I'll still have my radio show. We don't get paid for it, but radio is it's own reward. Here's this week's treats:

The New Breakfast Snob , 30 May 2008:

Jeannine Hebb- Things Haven't Been So Bad Lately
Actually, things have really sucked lately, but I think that's the point. The song has great does too, usually.

Jon Prophet- As Good As Your Yesterday
Great rocker with lovely fuzz bass and difficult rhetorical chorus.

Clara Bellino- Peaceful Solution
I believe in this. I really do. Sometimes I think that I'm not so much a jaded cynic as I am a disillusioned there a difference?
In any case, Bellino is a talent worthy of optimism.

Damien Dempsey- Negative Vibes
It's Damo! He's one of my favorite Irish musicians, and that actually says quite a bit...

Claanad- Fortune's Hand
...because I love me some shamrockers.

Ask yourself if you do more good than harm...this is a wonderfully written song, but the vocal delivery is a bit off-putting. Get over it.

Richard Thompson- Bad Monkey
Another Irishman -and one of the most under-rated guitarists around, if ya ask me.

10CC- Rubber Bullets
From the original vinyl!

Peter Bayweuther- Wild Roses
Found this on-line Saturday morning and liked it so much I played it the same afternoon! Not your typical Kraut-Rock. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Scream Daisy- Bees
This awesome, heart-hitting song has been in my rotation for weeks...did I mention that SD are from Malta? How many other Maltese bands can you name?

Stranglers- Nice N' Sleazy
Best bass tone , ever.

Astronauts of Antiquity- Beautiful Fate
I can't say enough good things about this ultra-hip ensemble. They are positive, groovy and upbeat; and frankly, I need that right now. New and cool!

Lisa Bianco- Post Data/We Communicate
Talk about dynamics, this songs got 'em, all the way down to the shouting bull-horn EQ tweak in the middle- but it's also a wonderfully melodic cautionary comment on how we present and receive information to each other in our virtual worlds of avatars and anonymity.

(Is that an original Ibanez Tube Screamer and one of those old 'uni-knob' MXR phasers? That is a hot pic!)

Underwhelmed- Freak
More NYC (Brooklyn) rock, starts with a distorted voice asking : " Are you a freak like me?"
Instant love, it was.
I'll be checking into more from these guys, it's solid, manly rock with dark, honest humor. I'm a freak for that.

Cursive- Caveman
I am a goddamned caveman!
Best album of 2008?

Spy For Hire- Things Used To Be Good
I would like for things to be good again.

Skidmore Fountain- Asylum
Brand new on the station's shelves, getting some play because it rocks.

Robyn Hitchcock- Up To Our Nex
Robyn must be over 1,000 years old and he's still a right clever lad.

Carrie Rodriguez- She Ain't Me
No, she's not. Who is? Great, great song...this is country music?

P.J. Harvey & John Parish- Black Hearted Love
I still have an unrequited crush on P.J. Harvey. Things just haven't been the same since the Birthday Party thing went's as if she doesn't know I exist...oh, right.

HuDost- Trespasser
Eastern and Western music can be blended to produce some amazing why are we fighting when we could be jamming?

Azzdine w/Bill Laswell- Britou
Another great East/West cultural mix- more music and fewer bombs, says I.

Omar Alexander- Breathe In
And out. Repeat until dead.
This is good, feet-movin' music with great vocals.

Patty Hurst Shifter
- Promiscuous
This EP is earning ground on my play-faves.

Grin- You're The Weight
Nils Logfren was in a band with his dad! How cool is that?

Kinks- You're Looking Fine
Live cut from a Carnegie Hall show, early 1970's; Brother Dave steps out on the guitar and stays out for a loooong time. In a good way.

XTC- Shake Your Donkey Up

Frames- Star Star
Did I mention my affinity for Irish rock? Great band, finally catching on here-the singer had a cameo on The Simpsons not long ago.

Cecile Corbel- O Stor Mo Chroi
Fetching red-haired French/Irish chanteuse...I am a fool for that sort of thing , ya know?


Next: I've no clue.


Enemy of the Republic said...

In a perfect world, radio would be your day job.

I am getting so pissed at what this economy is doing to innocent people.

NYD said...

Glad you are still gaifully employed.
Two tips: 1 go out and get some cheap planks for the stairs. 2 don't were a skirt to work.

NYD said...

Um, that's *wear*

angel said...

Fabulous list as usual.
Sorry you're having to do so much shirty manual labour!

yellowdog granny said...

have you tried to get a paying radio gig? im sure you have but seems like you would be a welcome addition..and as for your paying job?..that sucks bites and air

yinyang said...

Does it seem like your job is getting progressively shittier, or is it just me?

Allan said...

E- I'm more pissed about what it's NOT doing to guilty people.

NYD- No planks in our plans or budget. I knew what you meant- I'm a pants-wearing kinda guy, myself.

A- It's better than no labour, which is now.

JS- The only pay is in Sales and I totally suck at Sales.

YY- You are fine. The job isn't getting worse anymore.

more cowbell said...

Dude, don't wear your skirt at the loading dock.