Sunday, August 16, 2009

Studio Tan

Sometimes I wonder if the radio station doesn't exist solely within my own mind, but usually when I start having those thoughts, I realize that I'm on-the-air and don't have time for Cartesian dilemmas...I'm about two minutes and five seconds (2:05) from complete disaster at any given moment...oh, make that 2:02...1:55...time compresses , expands and distorts while one is broadcasting...the last seventeen seconds of a piano note can drag on forever, but an eight-minute live track somehow barely seems to provide enough time to recycle coffee.

Curiously, new laws now make it illegal for internet radio and podcasters to post their playlists ahead of time...each song is to be displayed as it is played...there are other stupid rules - you can't play more than four songs by any one artist in a three hour-period; you can't play more than three songs from any one album or boxed set during a three-hour span...I think I'm mis-quoting some of the rules but I'm too lazy to Google them, and anyway, about the last thing I have to worry about is posting my playlist in advance...I once actually did a show where I carefully timed out every song and announcement and it was the dullest two hours of live radio I have ever done in my life!
(Talk shows not included)

All I did was hit play, move a fader, hit play, move fader, hit play- repeat...boring!


Q: Do you know what an expander ratio of 8:1 set at a -30db threshhold sounds like when applied to dynamic narration ?

A: It sounds bad. Leave the knobs alone!

I start back at the Salt Mine tomorrow. Dread mixed with relief. I don't even know what my schedule will be...I hope it includes time for radio.


Steve Hillage 1988 Aktivator/Live Herald
King Crimson- Cat Food/45 single
Bedtime Story- In A Cage
Ace NoFace- Snakes/Toxic Charm

Megaphone- Write it Down
Cary Grace- Undertow
John Cale - Graham Greene/Paris 1919
Damien Dempsey- Patience/Shots

Garbage- My Lover's Box
Green Man- Glory Box

Ashlee Rose-Devil's Town
Arvel Bird- Native Lovers
Jethro Tull- Rover/ Heavy Horses
Cat Dail- Squeeze Your Play
Clara Bellino- Swordfish Trombone/Embacardo Love

Eleni Mandell- I'm Your Girl/Wishbone
Area 27- Intergalactic
Guiltless Cult- Have to Say?
Jeannine Hebb- Things Haven't Been So Bad Lately
Cecile Corbel- O Stor mo chroi
HuDost- Royal Mountain/Trapeze
Manda Mosher- Lay Me Down
Underwhelmed- Freak Like Me/Revealed

Richard Thompson- Mr. Stupid/Sweet Warrior
Norine Braun- I'm The One

88 Sundays-Way Back Home

Tangerine Dream- Catwalk



oh i love that picture of you..
and oh my what a great play dun gud..

Anonymous said...

I agree with Yellowdog Granny. Great picture of you. You look somewhat defiant and you have that don't Fu*k with me attitude going on there. Oh not to mention: TAN!!

Mary Beth

secret agent woman said...

Why can't you post a playlst in advance if you wanted to? Seems harmless enough.

yinyang said...

Ditto what the Secret Agent said - those are some really weird laws.

Allan said...

The Record Company Gods are afraid that posting advance warning of albums/songs will enable people to set up their computers to illegally record certain products.

billy pilgrim said...

i like 88 sundays. great name and the music is ok too.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Glad to see someone likes to play John Cale. He is an acquired taste. I got to see him live twice.

You named the reason why I couldn't go into radio broadcasting. Plus my Chicago accent is too thick.

angel said...

So erm... why can't you post a playlist before you broadcast?

angel said...

Ooh- and I have something for you!

NYD said...

It's unfortunate that there is no archive for the show so we could listen to your stuff at anytime, but record companies wouldn't like that arrangement either.

And I have absolutely no idea what an expander ratio of 8:1 set at a -30db threshhold sounds like when applied to dynamic narration, so I will never, ever, mess with your knobs.

Omar said...

Hey Allan. Hitting you up on the KILROY! Thanks again brother for believing in what I do and for featuring my music.

Looking forward to reading and being a part of more of your site. It's awesome!

Omar Alexander