Tuesday, December 29, 2009

That Fits To Print

Bad newspaper.


The day after I took this horrible snapshot, my mailbox was filled with wonderful juicy delights! I wish the newspaper box would undergo a similar magical transformation.

 I learned an important lesson this holiday season: The most precious gifts have nothing at all to do with Christmas.


Christmas is to "Love" what New Year's Eve is to alcoholism. Alcoholics refer to New Year's as "amateur night" because any drunk worth their salt is wasted by midnight no matter what day of the year it is...only soft-drinking wusses make a big deal out of being drunk at midnight- woo-the fuck-hoo!- they can't even deal with a simple hangover- I mean,the nation needs a day off to recover from jello shooters and weak champagne? A real alcoholic would know that a few drinks is all they need: a few shots of bourbon, a mouthful of Altoids and it's off to face the day.

Drinking isn't a holiday, it's a 24/7 lifestyle.

Love, I have come to suspect, is pretty much the same. If you love people, it is a lasting, ongoing thing and needs no mandated celebrations...I'm not saying that I love people or anything, just that I'm not quite ready for the Earth to go spiraling into the Sun quite yet.  I don't drink at all, but if I did, I know I'd be doing amazingly stupid things while drunk and I wouldn't need a special holiday in order to do them...and love...well, it's a lot like alcohol. But  healthier and without all the extra calories.


Anyway, there's always next year. Until there isn't. 


secret agent woman said...

But with its own share of heartaches at times. Still, the betetr option by far.


yup amateur night is right..i remember going to partys on new year and they would have champagne and i'd ask where's the whiskey?...
hope 2010 is better to you than 2009

NYD said...

Hey buddy!
Thanks for the e-mail. It was just the right amount of kick in the pants to make me realize that there are better ways to spend my time.
Just dropping by to wish you a happy and healthy New Year and hoping that this one may be better than the last.

Keep strummin'!

NYD isn't dead...he just smells funny...

Donnw/2nz said...

Spot on as usual.
Since I'll never top the New Years Eve binging that I did in the 70s and could never reproduce and live to talk about it, I'm happy to let it go.

I sat in a packed theatre and watched Avatar..I thought that it would be empty?

Best Wishes for 2010 Allan...may the Karmic Boomerang bring you all sorts of cool stuff :)