Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Start

I like my new job, but I know it is only a matter of time before I don't, so I may as well start complaining now: For starters, I think the office should be five or six stories higher. I could get better photographs from the 15th floor, I would think.

As it is, this (above) is the view from the hallway outside my new file room. Ironically, I can see the balcony of the old 2000 Census office from here. Back in 2000, I was still living the hard life and I had a like-minded work-girlfriend who liked to get wasted with me on the Census balcony during my midnight shifts.   I wonder if people in this building were watching?

Way off in the distance, I think I can see the roof of the old schoolhouse that serves as the local 2010 Census HQ.  I wonder if the work world looks  rosy because it has been so unrelentingly bleak and harsh for so long. 

My next pissy point is the coffee:

 There are only 19 varieties to choose from. There should be 20, but the first drawer is full of sweetener packets. I guess I shouldn't complain too much- after all it is free.

Hell, I'm kidding. I can't believe that I'm lucky enough to work somewhere with free, unlimited coffee. Today, the office had a  "going away" party for the woman who I am replacing. There was plenty of good food...I get the impression that this office is accustomed to living well, a real contrast with the impoverished aesthetic of the Bureau. My Census 'desk' was a stackable chair at a plastic folding table...I have an expansive and ergonomically correct cubicle at my new job. You can tell that I have been living in the wilderness for too long when I start gushing about my awesome cubicle...I feel like a barbarian suddenly forced to mingle with today's buffet, I barely remembered how to eat with utensils. I am so accustomed to working in an office with almost no amenities-including hot water -that I almost scalded myself washing my hands yesterday- I had forgotten that you don't need to turn the hot water on full blast in order to get barely lukewarm water.

I stood at the sink for a second going "ow! ow! what the fuck?" when it dawned on me that I could  add cold water to the mix. Problem solved.

 The new place has a long, semi-circular break room that spans roughly one-fifth of the floor, featuring a full kitchen, including  two institutional refrigerators, five microwaves and a dishwasher.  And a really nice view of the city.

This is the old break room (below).

The main lobby for my new job:

The old job:

Yeah, I know it is only a matter of time before I start bitching, but for now things are improving. There is music to be made and played, my brother is coming for a visit and I have a three-day weekend including a paid holiday off. My first weekend is a three-day one!


BBC news on...reports coming in from Haiti. I suddenly feel very small and very lucky.


secret agent woman said...

Sweet! I'd be happy with free coffee-flavored coffee. And what a cool lobby to walk through every day. I'm so glad this is starting well.

Anonymous said...

The new job looks wonderful. It's about time someone recognized that you are made of awesome.

You might be a bit short for your age, but I wouldn't go so far as to say "very small". ;)



I'm so happy for you I am grinning from ear to ear.and there is a tiny tear in my eye..tears of joy..

Allan said...

SAW- Coffee should be coffee-flavored. 12 or so of the 'flavors' are hideous sugary mixes. Those are the popular ones, I think.

Lyz- You have always recognized that, even when I haven't. I'm just a cog at work.

JS- Yay! Thanks! Stay happy and get yer carbs.

AC@46 said...

congrats .. glad to hear the planets aligned for you. Keep a positive attitude

angel said...

Dude... its so awesome!