Monday, September 06, 2010

A Country Drive Sort Of Day

I didn't really know where I was going. I just knew that it was a beautiful day and that  I was restless, so I got in my car and headed out of town. Soon I found myself driving aimlessly through the countryside on roads that I knew well but had not traveled on for years.

A spray-painted "House For Rent" sign caught my eye as I passed by. A scenario unfolded inside my head as I executed a bootlegger U-turn, slalomed between 'Farm Use'  vehicles and pickup trucks, then headed back to investigate the  house.

I do need to move, my rent is consuming over half of my income... a country house is probably cheaper than my would give privacy for music-making. I could practice whenever I wished. I could set up a home studio and start recording bands again. I could sip lemonade and play banjo on the porch.

It doesn't look like the sort of neighborhood where noise complaints are likely.

 I liked the front yard but the house was a bit dodgy:

The first thing I do when assessing a potential living space is to determine how easy it would be to break into. This glorified double-wide didn't require much thinking since it wouldn't require much breaking to get inside. The flimsy aluminum  door could probably be jimmied with a library card and I wasn't sure if the windows locked or not but it hardly mattered since the entire domicile looked as if it could be quickly dismantled with a screwdriver and stacked neatly on the back of a truck, leaving only the wooden deck behind.

I made a mental note:in case of tornado, I would seek shelter underneath the deck while the house flew to pieces and went  whirling through the air.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not above living in shabby conditions;  'derelict chic' is well inside my comfort zone. But I don't have a dog and music gear is expensive and difficult to replace- by the time anyone responded to an alarm in this remote locale, it would be too late.

So I returned to the noise and clutter of the city.


This is what my radio show looks like:

If you wish to hear it, it is now available as a podcast download!! (click here)

I have been doing live radio for five years and have only just now begun to podcast, so there is only one show up so far, but I'll be adding a new one every week.

Stay tuned!

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Angel said...

Thats so cool! Now I can hear you too!