Thursday, October 14, 2010

Love It Or Lump It

The Tea Baggers had a convention here in town last Saturday, so I laced my radio show with some choice nuggets on the off-chance that a touristy Teabagger stumbled onto my broadcast whilst scanning the local airwaves for their conservative bleat-teat of choice.

 It is interesting to note that our station is part of the national Emergency Broadcast grid, which in turn is part of the Dept. of Homeland Security. The DHS itself is a product of the Bush Era government expansion, the largest in American history. Our government got so goddamn big it spilled into Iraq, fer chrissakes! Where the hell were the angry mobs of redneck asshats back then?

Pickin' on hippie chicks, is where.


The New Breakfast Snob : Sat. Oct. 9, 2010

R.Crumb   Confessions of R.Crumb   
When I'm feelin' devilish, I like to start the show with this somewhat mean-spirited rant by underground legend R. Crumb.
Ray Manzarek  Bicentennial Blues (Love it or Leave it)
Once upon a time America was stuck in a long, un-winnable foreign  war. It went on so long that the government needed to  conscript civilians and force them into combat. The young, educated middle-class frequently took to the streets in protest of this war. Conservative supporters of the war would heckle the hippies with angry rhetoric like : "If you don't like America, why don't you leave?"
It took years, but eventually a powerful lesson was learned: It is a lot easier to keep a war-on without a young, educated middle-class. This discovery pretty much explains the direction we are heading in.

Neil Young   Revolution Blues
Just to keep the population down.
Jimi Hendrix  House Burning Down
I left him sippin' his tea and I jumped in my chariot...why'd you burn your brother's house down?
Peter Tosh    No Sympathy
Sadly, Peter was a prophet.

Oingo Boingo Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me      
Until it does.

Be Bop Deluxe   No Train To Heaven   
After we stopped using them urselves, we sold our old railroad tracks to China as scrap steel. The Chinese probably used them to build a hi-speed train. Or an Olympic stadium.

 XTC  War Dance
This song, of course, references England. But the jingoistic noise is always the same. Only the names and dates change.
 Damien Dempsey    Marching Season Siege 
Same thing for Ireland.

The Kinks   Brainwashed    
 Yes, you are.
Lou Reed  Martial Law  
Is a lot less likely now than it was in 2004, and it wasn't all that likely then.

 Stranglers Tank 
 If the economy stays down, there will be no need to draft soldiers, ever again. There will be plenty of young people with few options other than enlistment. Most will not be issued tanks of their own.

Flower Traveling Band    Unknown medley
This is an obscure Japanese psychedelic band, from a 1970 LP called Anywhere. I don't know the track titles..3&4 maybe?  The trippy one.

J.J. Cale  Let Me Do It To You
It only sounds like the record is skipping.  
Astronauts of Antiquity  Breakthrough  
This was one of my favorite albums of 2008.

Floating Bridge Eight Miles High/ Paint it Black
Late Sixties Seattle rock. Guitar-y as heck. That's a good thing.
Great Society   Grimly Forming  
Grace Slick's band before Jefferson Airplane. Recorded underwater.

Randy Newman   Mr. President,Have Pity On The Working Man     
Timeless ballad.

Shauna Burns Bloom
Shauna Burns is from a lot of places. That's a good thing.      

Monday Machines
    Spinning Plates   
Cary Grace is the brains behind this UK band. I am the pretty face that sells the album, which you can still get here.

Speck Mountain  Angela  
A great Chicago band, very engrossing sound.
Peter Green    For You 
Ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist, back in the good old days.
Richard Thompson    Bad Monkey  
 One of my favorite guitarists. You can hear why on this song.

Taxi To The Ocean  Flag On The Moon
This band's website ends at 2007. I wonder if they are still around?
Cursive   Retreat    
This angry diatribe has the "shit" edited out of it.

Ars Nova   I Was Once There
Then they were gone. Obscure NY band, 1969.
Phil Manzanera  Same Time Next Week   
With John Wetton!

This broadcast is now a podcast! You can get it here.
(Note: It is a two-part file.)


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