Saturday, February 19, 2011


 I close my eyes but I can still see her, she's smiling but blood streaks her face and I reach out to touch her, to clear away the crimson, but I have no fingers on my hand, I see them and they are severed, dangling moist and red from a necklace around her alabaster throat and she is smiling not at me but at someone behind me, and although I cannot turn my head, I know her necklace is a gift from him and he is back, wanting more...

Holy shit. Where am I?

Oh wow. I'm in the broadcast booth, smack-dab in the middle of a live radio broadcast. How long have I been lost in a semi-hallucinatory recollection of last night's horrid dream?

I look at the timer on one of the CD decks: about ten seconds.

Ten seconds is plenty of time for things to go wrong on live radio and sure enough, when I looked down at the broadcast console, I was lost amongst all the blinking lights and attention-seeking buttons. There were three CDs playing simultaneously and, panicking, I accidentally turned on the fourth deck, bringing my total number of inputs to four.

By this time I'd forgotten which deck had the song I intended to play, I'd even forgotten what song it was...


...the choir on the song in 3, it is in key with the guitar from 2 (or is it 4?) and there are two violins that work together, 1 and 4 maybe?, and if I can avoid any abrupt percussive outbursts from any of these songs, I just might be able to pull this off, because this sounds pretty good all mixed-up like this...

We have a light that flashes  when the phone rings and it took me by surprise...hello?

There was a woman on the phone with a question: who is this playing ? This is great!

It's Love Kills Theory and a few other things that are happening by mistake.

Way cool.  Keep it up!

That was good to hear. I'm listening to the recording now and she was right, it's the best part of the show. As usual, there are a lot of flubs but that particular passage has got some interestingly  musical moments.

With dreams like I've been having, it's amazing that I can function at all, much less do something as complex and wildly exposed as a live radio broadcast, but somehow I get by. Somehow.

But don't take my word for it: Get the Podcast here.



.Joe Strummer and Mescaleros- Coma Girl               
The Bitter Tears- Slay The Heart of The Earth               
Of Montreal- Will You Come and Fetch Me?               
The Duhks- You Don't See It               
Elfpower- Old Familiar Scene                
Various Artists Live Mixed-up Mess /Love Kills Theory- Lost in Vacuum Space Mash Up      Melomane- Even Though You're Born Toulouse               
Speck Mountain- I Feel Eternal               
Geraldine Fibbers - House Is Falling               
Jordan Reyne - The Proximity of Death               
HuDost -Trespasser                
Cocteau Twins- Road, River and Rail               
Monacy- Twisted               
Garbage- Cup of Coffee           
F&M- Rising To The Moon               
Atris- That Would Be The End               
Taxi To The Ocean- Crystal Cuts               
Mr. Gnome- Three Birds               
The Purrs- Fear Of Flying
Beauregard Ajax  -Things Will Work Out Fine                
Scream Daisy- Learn To Fight               
Frank Black- I've Seen Your Picture               
Cursive    - The Recluse             
The Frames- Sad Songs
Beauregard Ajax- Take You Far Away           
801- Rong Wrong               
No Restraints - I Was Wrong               
Pink Frost   - You Should Know               
Cafebar 401-   Troubles



I'm starting to worry about you..are you due for a vacation?..come to west for some R&R

Allan said...

I'll be OK. My guitar still loves me and I have lots to keep me busy. *hug icon*