Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Show Goes On


Tension-Building Intro Mash-Up: Monday Machines/Ozric Tentacles/assorted animal comedians
 As usual, today's introductory segment is one part inspiration, one part equipment malfunction and two parts operator error.

Year of The Cat -Al Stewart 
I miss my cat and I really like Al Stewart. I always loved my cat, but I used to hate Al Stewart. Go figure.

Ace of Wands Steve Hackett
One day back in 1983, I was in a rural tavern in Western Maryland, drinking draft beer with my high school classmates after a weekend camping trip. There was a TV in the corner that was showing some kind of local access text-scroll about PTA meetings and stuff, and when the bartender turned the sound up, this Steve Hackett song was the music playing in the background. Mystified to hear obscure prog-rock on hillbilly cable, I pointed it out to my classmates, who reminded me that I was really high and that no one liked the kind of music I like anyway.

Hocus Pocus - Focus 
 Why is this song so  long? I hardly ever ask that question, so there must be a reason.

Perpetual ChangeYes 
Yes, it's Yes. Stop looking at me like that.

 Guzzard - Ozric Tentacles
Perhaps  an obscure cut from an obscure cassette by an obscure 1980's band will help restore my hipster credibility.

If 6 Was 9 - Jimi Hendrix 
Speaks for himself.

Time-  It's A Beautiful Day
I finally got a copy that doesn't skip. About time.

Come Again Toucan? Grace Slick
 The star of Jefferson Airplane burned very brightly for a short period  and then flickered erratically for decades, but she really nails it on this 1973 song.

If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It  - Al Stewart
Because of his gentle-sounding delivery and lush arrangements, I used to think Al was kinda wimpy when I was a kid. Shows how much I knew.

Sound Asleep  -Marionette  
These are friends of mine and they played at our radio station's birthday party last night, so I'm giving them a shout here.

Safety In Numbers - Crack The Sky 
Part of my Maryland memories.

Spinning PlatesMonday Machines 
Every once in a while one of my dreams comes true and this CD was one of those whiles.

I thought the organ intro here would make a nice segue, and I guess it did, but the problem is what to do with the other eight minutes of this overwrought Texas disaster?

Phenomenal CatThe Kinks 
For Wilkins, who was phenomenal.

One For The Vine -Genesis
Was this the album that made Peter Gabriel quit the band?

Season of The Witch-  Stills & Kooper 
Steve likes his wah-wah, which is something I can relate to.

On The Beach - Faces 
Some blues for ya.

Liquor and You Peter Green
And some more...I like Green blues.

The Have Nots - X
Some high-brow 80's punk to set the stage for the next show...

So, like I'm waiting for my podcast to upload and it seems as if it will never finish and that little spinning icon won't let me pull away, there is so much world out there and I'm wasting my life away watching pixels swirl and it dawns on me that I need to put the unwatchable mess that is Avatar back in the mail so I can get another movie, hopefully one with  explosions,  mayhem and zero anthropomorphism.


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