Sunday, March 27, 2011

No Warning


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Or listen below...after about an hour I regain my ability to speak.

Golden Palominos- Gun

Tranquility Bass- Soldier's Sweetheart

Old Canes- Under

Warren Zevon- Detox Mansion

Stills- Young Band- 12/8 Blues

Wire- I am the Fly

Electric Flag- Earthquake Country

T.Rex- Ride A White Swan

Rare Earth- Eleanor Rigby

Fleetwood Mac- Green Manalishi

Mothers of Invention- Absolutely Free

Hot Tuna- Song For The Fire Maiden

Papa John Creach- String Jet Rock

Captain Beefheart- Trust Us (Take9)

Pretty Things- There Will Never Be Another Day

Jimi Hendrix- Castles Made Of Sand

Todd Rundgren- Eastern Intrigue

Taxi To The Ocean- Flag On The Moon

Klaatu- Perpetual Motion Machine

Dare Dukes- Kick and Holler

Greg Lake- It Hurts

Faces- Had Me A Real Good Time

Miles Davis- Saturday Miles

Snakefinger- Don't Lie

Lou Reed- Vicious

Babe Ruth- Fistful of Dollars

It's A Beautiful Day- Hot Summer Day (live)

Peter Blegvad- White

HuDost- Lonely Ship

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Angel said...

Dude! Your radio show podcasts are the most awesome thing to work to! I play them on my laptop while I bake in the kitchen!